Back to Being an Eagles fan

We entered this year with low expectations and it has been fun. We got to watch new players develop, see how Hurts could do, watch the startup coaching staff try to find an identity for the team and met each loss with the attitude that it was good for next year’s draft. I for one became an acuna mattata fan. I slept great on both Saturday and Sunday nights no matter who we were playing or what the result.

In the past anxiety about a close game would give me a stomach ache. I stressed about each play and felt nauseous with a loss. I would be depressed until Wednesday if we didn’t win. I was fanatical about the Eagles and couldn’t wait for Sunday. Could it be those days are coming back?

Guess what! Somehow the Birds have played themselves back into the picture. I thought it might be getting back to the high expectations mode last week when I went through most of a 12 pack and had a sore throat from cheering when the game was over. I suspected it was back when a Thanksgiving OT game happily ended with an L for Dallas. I now know its back because it’s Saturday and I can’t wait for game time tomorrow!

No more sitting back and quietly watching things develop. It’s back to the edge of the seat interest level. I’ll live or die on the outcome of the game. Screw those, like my former self, who have a lackadaisical attitude towards the Eagles. Let’s have unreasonable expectations and make them real. Let’s win out and make week 18 a big deal for the NFC East standings. Let’s continue to run over people and become the team no one wants to play in the postseason. Let’s make our own first round pick next year be #32. IT’S GREAT TO BE BACK.