Playing " SCAREDY CAT" football in the NFL

Im not sure how many people watched the Cowboys/Raiders game on Thanksgiving day but according to stats its was most watched game in years..

Well if it was most watched game in years then many many people got to see what I got to see and through almost 4 quarters of the game with 2:40 left in the game being a tied game this is what I seen...

The Raiders made it to the Dallas 30yrd line and having 4th-1 with 2:40 left and 2 timeouts the team immediately went into " SCAREDY CAT" mode and elected to take a measly 3pnt lead by kicking a FG and giving their opponent the ball back with about 2:20 left to play and also having 2 timeouts....

Dallas got the ball back after the Raiders successful go ahead FG and the offense proceeded to get to the 35yrd line of the Raiders with relative ease and with about 40seconds left and 1 timeout the Cowboys immediately went into " SCAREDY CAT" mode and they too settled for a FG as opposed to going for the win!!!

Both of these NFL teams deserved to lose that game as playing for ties and or overtime when theres time left on the clock in regulation is " PUSSY SCAREDY CAT" football and its sad that any professional sport team would play a game with that as a goal,

The Raiders had 4th-1 at 30yrd line of Dallas and throughout the game they have successfully been converting short gains and most likely would have converted or at the very least the offense could have at least lined up and tried to draw the defense offsides for a penalty which would have given the team a 1st down but instead the coaches flew right into "SCAREDY CAT" mode and kicked FG to take lead,

Come on man!!!!

Dallas had a chance to win the game as well as they too were moving the ball easily and instead of trying to score the game winning touchdown they too immediately went into "SCAREDY CAT" mode and played for the tie and overtime..


That was horrible coaching decisions when a game could have possibly been won and even though it was riskier going for the win as opposed to kicking the FGs as both teams did the coaching staff should have at least gave it more thought as bith teams seemingly played the last 2 minutes for a FG irregardless of field position or time remaining,

In my opinion both teams deserved to lose after such cowardly management and hopefully teams look at this and see thst potential was there for both teams to essentially win the game inregulation had it been approached in a non coward like way,

The Raiders cowardness stands out much more as being 4th and 1 from Dallas 30 yard line with 2 timeout remaining and deciding to kick FG was the worse as had they simply made the 4-1 conversion to a first down they most likely would have forced Dallas to use up all their timeouts and essentially still kick FG but giving Dallas ball back with somewhere around 35-40 seconds left with very little chance of winning,

Yes it would have been a risk to attempt to go for the 1st down but they could have at least lined up and tried to draw Dallas offsides,

Even if they failed to convert and Dallas took over there was still time left to get the ball back even if Dallas did score,

Its all could ofs or would ofs at this point but there was too many tangibles to simply play the game in those moments for a FG with no apparent will to try to win....