Philadelphia Eagles with and without Lane Johnson

So I found a neat little website which allows you to filter teams with and without certain players. Lane Johnson should be in the Eagles Hall of Fame for sure, ever since he got here the difference when he's on the field versus off the field has been obvious for the offense, regardless of through the coach or quarterback is. This year, there's been a lot of yammering about how bad the Eagles were early in the season, without the caveat that Johnson was out for that stretch, as well as a few other offensive linemen being shuffled in and out. The current offensive lineup that we have on OL looks to be an absolute monster, and as long as they're together I predict good things.

Anyway, Without Johnson the Eagles are 12-20, with they're 64-44-1. I'm not sure if that includes this season, but ever since we've had Milada, Dickinson and Johnson along with Kelce these guys have looked practically unstoppable.