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Weapon X Mailbag: How should the Eagles handle their running back rotation?

Sanders and Scott time.

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I hope you’re all able to enjoy this week with some loved ones, some good grub and some football. I’m currently writing this on a plane! I’m a big shot for playing for the wifi to keep the Eagles content pumping.

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LargePetroleum (via text): How would you distribute the running back snaps with Jordan Howard potentially missing multiple weeks?

It’s a bummer that Jordan Howard is going to miss some time. I can’t believe I’m saying how much I enjoyed watching Howard play football in the year 2021.

Me in April: Why in the world are the Eagles signing Jordan Howard again?

Me in November: Will I survive watching the Birds on Sunday without seeing Jordan Howard decleat a linebacker?

I was a little weary about giving Miles Sanders lead-back duties when he came back from injury given how well the Howard-Boston Scott pairing was going. Well, Sanders came back against New Orleans and rushed for 94 yards on just 16 carries. He’ll get even more touches on Sunday with the way Nick Sirianni has completely revamped this Eagles offense in his absence.

Howard’s downhill running style makes me go in lizard brain mode where I just want to destroy everyone. Sanders is different, more shifty and more of a home run threat that the consistent pounder than Howard is in. The Birds will need that burst with Howard out.

Boston Scott is a destroyer of worlds when he plays the Giants. He will need his touches and should consistently be the third-down back because of his versatility as a receiver. Here’s a fun stat: in the last two seasons, Scott has six touchdowns in Eagles-Giants games. Saquon Barkley has one.

Against Denver, the Eagles had 24 running back rushes. Against New Orleans, they had 32. Let’s say 16 again for Sanders, keeping him fresh and ready to break one for the end zone, give about a dozen to BoSco and maybe get Kenny Gainwell involved in the mix? I have another note about how to maximize Gainwell below…

@TylerBoney: Who would you want to see get the snaps if Jalen Reagor got yanked from the WR rotation? (This is assuming Howie Roseman let the coaching staff make a change).

Jalen Reagor’s a negative on offense right now. He’s a player that exists better in theory. He should be a guy who can do a little bit of everything: end-arounds, screens, nine-routes, etc. He can’t do much of anything at this stage. While I will drop an anvil on my foot if it means the Birds make the playoffs, this season was supposed to be about development. Do they need to give him the whole year before coming to grips with the fact that he’s not the guy the organization thought he was going to be when he was drafted in 2020?

I don’t believe that Howie Roseman would allow Nick Sirianni to make that switch. Sirianni was hired in part because of his experience as a wide receivers coach and to coach up these young dudes. Roseman wants that first-round investment he made in Reagor to pay off.

Here’s an idea: with Jordan Howard out on Sunday, Kenny Gainwell will likely be active after not dressing during the Saints game. The Eagles’ offense has utilized formations that have had Gainwell lined up in the slot at times. Why not give Gainwell some of Reagor’s snaps? I’m not saying the team needs to bail on Gainwell as a running back going forward. I’m high on the dude! Giving Gainwell those bubble screens and backfield snaps might be more productive for this season specifically than doing that with Reagor, plus there’s the added benefit of developing Gainwell as a player in his own right.

@notmichaelwrght: How many points do you think the birds will be favored by in the Super Bowl this year?

I don’t want to ever be favored in a playoff game again. In my adult life, I’ve seen six Eagles playoff games. They’ve been underdogs in ever single one. Their record? 4-2 including one frigging parade. Let’s be nine-point dogs to the Ravens and pummel them into the earth.

@SwaggyMitch: When will the Delco lady be cancelled?

We can only hope she never does. She’s the closest thing to royalty the Eagles have had since Princess Diana used to rock that kelly green varsity jacket.

ShireNation (via text): Prediction on Boston Scott’s stat line?

BoSco owns this Giants! I’m going to say 78 yards from scrimmage and two total touchdown. Scott scoring two-plus touchdowns combined with Eagles moneyline is my big same game parlay for this week.

I’m editing this article now and thinking... he scored three touchdowns against them on the road in Week 17 in 2019. Do I get wild and make it three touchdowns? I might!!!

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