What is it about Mailata?

What the heck is it with Jordon Mailata? This is Philadelphia and we love to boo people when they don’t immediately meet our expectations. When Mailata was drafted we didn’t have a ton of negativity about throwing away a draft pick on some rugby guy. It was more or less wow look at the size and athleticism of this guy; I kinda like him. Definitely worth a late round shot.

When he spent the next couple of years learning how to play football the fans didn’t get impatient or negative. Most of us were saying that this guy has a ton of potential and I’m starting to think we may actually have something for the future.

When he made some errors in his early games nobody was saying what a mistake we made. Instead we considered it part of the learning process and just went with the flow. He actually learned from his mistakes!

Now, he is the starter and doing a fine job. He may be one of the most admired players on the team by the fans. No one is even says things like "he’s ok but he’ll never be as good Jason Peters". We just love him. He has been showered with positivity since the day he was drafted.

It’s nice when a Philadelphia sports player comes along that not only avoids the boos for the most part but also is universally loved. Only a few guys ever make that category. Jason Kelce and Jon Dorenbos are two that spring to mind. They only come along every now and then. You just always feel good about them being on the team.

Maybe at some point in the future Mailata will have a few bad games and the press will crucify him and the fans can flood BGN with hateful comments, but maybe not. Either way, I’m ecstatic to have Jordon on this team.