Eagles extend the contract of CB Avonte Maddox by three-years

In his four years with the Eagles, Avonte Maddox has displayed all the traits that great and winning players have, that is, toughness, talent, versatility, a love for the game, unselfishness, and a willingness to do anything the tactician of the team ask him to do. He has been deployed outside cornerback, and inside at the nickel position and safety. Against fast receivers, he has dropped back in coverage, gone chest-to-chest versus big-boy tight ends, blitzed to get to the QB, and played physical games against the run.

Those are the reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles wanted so much to keep him as they expand the list of youngsters signed to long-term deals, is glad the team is making progress in this regard.. On Saturday, the team made public that Maddox penned a three-year deal extension that keeps him in at the club through 2024. Undoubtedly a well-deserved deal for him, who is enjoying his best season playing the nickel role and thriving in Jonathan Gannon's backline.

Maddox said a few minutes after signing the new contract, "I'm so excited," "We have a game on Sunday and I'm focused on that, but it's a big moment for me. It's something you always dream about. It's surreal, like Dallas (Goedert) said yesterday, all the work that we've put in, I'm just so thankful that the team recognized it, and here we are. We're building big things here."

Maddox, who loves online casino, is the fourth player in the Eagles' 2018 NFL Draft Class to pen a second contract with the side, joining the likes of Josh Sweat (signed till the 2024 campaign), offensive tackle Jordan Mailata (signed till the 2025 season), and tight end Dallas Goedert (signed till the 2025 season).

Maddox disclosed, "It's super special that our draft class has signed," "We came in together and now we're here for our second contracts. Jordan came up and dapped me up and Sweaty gave me some love. Of course, Dallas and I are happy for each other, too. The plan with me and Dallas is to buy some land somewhere in Pennsylvania and build connecting homes (laughs). We aren't going to live together, but we'll always be connected."

The nickel cornerback is indeed a valuable role and Maddox's extension is an example of the value the Philadelphia Eagles place on the premium place.

Maddox said, "I've worked hard to get to this point, overcome a lot, and really embraced whatever role they've given me, JG told me when we first met to get ready to play the nickel. He said, 'You're gonna be great there, so let's go out and do it.' I love the defense and I love being in that role."

"We put a lot on his plate. And he has a lot to process and think about. And we put him in that spot as a slot nickel corner. He wears a lot of hats. He's in the run game, he's covering man-to-man. He's in the zone. He's got a pattern match. He makes a lot of adjustments. So, I mean, I like where Avonte is. I like where he's going. And he's doing a really good job for us playing winning football in that spot, which you need in that spot," Gannon said of Maddox earlier in the week. "I was in another place and we had a good nickel and he got hurt and, I mean, the pass defense went south really fast just because of that one guy.

"That shows you the value of that position. That guy has to play winning football in there for you because of what we ask him to do. So, he's doing an excellent job. I love having him."