Things we can all agree on after the Saints game

Yesterday's win was a statement win. Against the top rated run defense, Philly had 3 rushers post big numbers. Beating Sean Payton, who for some reason has a personal vendetta against the eagles, is always a good thing. I don't care that it was Trevor Simiean at QB or that the Saints were without Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas, and several others. Philadelphia rolled over this team. Sure, there was a moment in the second half where things may have gotten a little too close, but so many teams go into that "prevent" defense when they are up big. This game was never really in doubt.

Jalen Hurts has his flaws, sure. But his intangibles have earned him the right to be the starter in Philly going forward. Besides his insane running abilities and his ankle breaker that we will all be watching countless times on youtube, he does so many other things well. He rarely puts the ball in harms way and rarely forces a throw. He knows when to slide, even if it's for a loss, rather than stupidly trying to extend a play when it isn't there. He has a cool head and doesn't get flustered. And he has shown that when the game is on the line, he can call his own number and ice the game. The dude is a stud. And if you are still anti-Hurts, then you gotta be just an unhappy person in general.

Darius Slay is finally the top CB we've wanted ever since Asante Samuel left. I don't even know why QBs target his side. Every week he's coming up with game changing plays. Last year it wasn't out of line to think Slay was just another CB we signed for way too much money and who can't live up to the hype. But last year was a strange year for everybody. He's clearly the CB we've been missing for so many years.

Jordan Howard has proven the last few weeks that he still has so much gas in the tank. It doesn't even seem that he's lost a step. Why he was on the practice squad is beyond me.

Miles Sanders brings a great dynamic to the backfield. But his ball security is still an issue. His fumbling isn't something new... he needs to clean that up.

Jakey Snakey Elliot continues to be reliable. His kicks aren't always pretty, but he rarely misses. Even some of the best golfers have weird trajectories. Elliot is having a pro bowl year. Especially when you saw how clutch he was compared to Maher.

We need another receiver. Virtually all of Hurts' passes go to Devanta or Goedart. I loved seeing JJAW get his first target OF THE SEASON yesterday and making the most of it. Maybe he can step up and get some more targets? His hands aren't an issue. So why not try to get him more involved?

Reagor is a lost cause. He can't hit the hole on kick returns. He does virtually nothing in the passing game. He is afraid to get hit. I don't think a team would even give up a 7th round pick for him at this point. I don't know why he makes such little impact every week. And it's not his fault he was drafted in the first round when he's clearly more of a 4th round talent. But at the very least he should try to show that he's tough. It seems like every time he has the ball in his hands he either runs out of bounds, or slows down so he can embrace the hit he's about to take.

The Eagles can theoretically win out. They play WFT twice, NYG twice, the Jets, and the cowboys. Sitting 2.5 games behind the Cowboys, I even think there's a slim chance Eagles can win the division. The Cowboys have to play the Raiders in 3 days, most likely without Cee Dee Lamb and Amari Cooper. The Cowboys also have to play the Cardinals at some point. Those could be 2 losses right there. The final game of the season, Philly v. Dallas, could have way more meaning than any of us thought 6 weeks ago.

Sirianni is getting better every week.

I wish we drafted justin Jefferson in 2020.