So Who Is The Answer At QB?

I had a thought the other day that perhaps the eagles would be better off to hand the reigns into Jaylen Hurt's hands on account of the the Eagles having probably 3 first rounders this year. I argued that if we needed to leverage for a QB this was the year. I was ridiculed for thinking such a thing. And for thinking that Roseman could possibly make another mistake in the draft (which obviously he's never done before) however I actually did some stat tracking for today's game to illustrate the points I was trying to make in my original comment. So here we go

They played the Saints today and won. To quote Forrest Gump "that's all I have to say about that." The issue is how they won. When it is almost a 2:1 ratio of rush vs passing yards (244 to 147) that is a huge problem. I would argue that every team in the league knows to respect both Phillys O-Line and RBs when healthy. But to say you're "evaluating" a QB" who goes 13 of 24 for less than 150 yards? Nope. No you aren't. I would say at least 10% of readers on this blog could pull that statline. Now I know what you are thinking "But he rushed for 3 TDs." Neat. Make him a Running Back. Either the team wants him to make a splash at QB or they can use him as a Taysom Hill gadget type until he does. Point is they won't give him the reigns to the offense which means he isn't long term the answer. So then who is?

Long story short Minshew. He has better numbers (except QBR) across almost all categories. Higher completion percentage. Higher TD to turnover ratio. Higher points added etc. I say the eagles give him a shot. I understand this will not be popular with most of you because Playoffs. But the eagles don't have any business being a playoff team this year

The Eagles are at a crossroads this season and can make or break it with a few off-season moves. I would like to know if you guys think there is a single more important thing to for the team than to figure out QB. And if you think Hurts is the answer what are you doing with 3 first rounders?