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Nick Sirianni talks Dallas Goedert’s new contract and Eagles RB usage

The Eagles’ head coach also admitted he was satisfied with the NFL’s response to their questions about the hit to Goedert’s head last week.

Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni spoke briefly on Friday afternoon, and gave some injury updates ahead of the Saints game on Sunday, as well as talked about Dallas Goedert’s contract extension and the running back room and rotation.

He also talked a little about the New Orleans’ linebackers and knowing that they’re an aggressive group.

“They’ll hit you. It looks like on film, they’re instinctive and they know how to get to the football because of how they’re reading stuff. And so, again, we have to account for them. But we know they’re good up front too, so we have to handle that level first and then be able to get off to their linebackers.”

Here’s what else the head coach had to say:

Injury updates

  • Sirianni confirmed Dallas Goedert is on track to play on Sunday.
  • The head coach said Miles Sanders had two good practices in a row, but they still have some things to think about and will make a decision on Saturday.
  • Derek Barnett is dealing with a neck injury, so they are still gathering information and as of Friday the DE is questionable to play against the Saints on Sunday. Sirianni wouldn’t answer specifically about how or when the injury happened, just that they are still working through the information.

On Dallas Goedert’s new contract

“Really excited for him. He’s the type of guy that we just think the world of him. We think he’s a great football player, great on and off the field. And just the type of guy you want to succeed and to sign contracts like this, right, and to keep in the building. So, really excited for him and his family and just the organization, that we could get this done.”

Sirianni went on to explain that Goedert is one of those guys they feel can match up against anybody and he does a lot of things well. His ability to be both a receiving TE and blocking TE is what the head coach said is special, noting there aren’t a lot of guys that are exceptional at being able to create mismatches in the pass game and also do their job in the run game.

On the NFL’s response to the hit on Goedert last week

“They looked at the tape and they gave us their explanation. And that’s just for us to be able to coach our guys and understand the rules and everything like that. So, yeah, satisfied with that.

We always get the information we need from the NFL when we turn in calls. And, yeah, I’m good and I’m satisfied with the information I got from them.”

On the running back group

Sirianni admitted he’s not sure he’s coached anywhere that had four running backs active on game, and that it’s a rarity but he’s glad to have the personnel he has. He noted that each back has a special skill set that they can use, and the head coach credits Howie Roseman and his staff for giving them depth at that position.

As for what the rotation might look like once Sanders is back in the lineup, Sirianni said things will look different each week. Kenny Gainwell, for example, will get some third down opportunities when they’re trying to create mismatches or using him for protection.

“You’re going to have some things with different carries of, ‘I want this guy on this particular play or this guy on this particular play.’ And then you see how the game’s going, too.

I think early in my career, I’m like, ‘Oh, how many backs, how many carries is this guy going to get, how many carries is this guy going to get?’ The answer to that is you just don’t know.

It depends on how the game’s going, it depends how that particular back is carrying it. And it depends on the way the defense is playing you. If the ones that do have our personnel with a number by it — with the back’s number by it, if that’s the road we’re going to go with the plays.”

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