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How an Eagles fan learned to love running the ball

From the Bleachers #89!

Philadelphia Eagles v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

I always want to be a progressive NFL fan, being aware of the latest trends that will shape the league for years to come.

The most sustainable way to have year-after-year championship contention is to have a high-level, pass-heavy offense.

That’s not how the Eagles are currently constructed. They’ve been the most efficient offense in the NFL the last three weeks because they’re doing the complete opposite: destroying opposing defenses on the ground.

Watching this Eagles offensive line punish defenders and seeing Jordan Howard, Boston Scott and Jalen Hurts dash up the field has run-pilled me. I love what I’m seeing. This isn’t the 1998 Pittsburgh Steelers with Jerome Bettis. The Eagles are simultaneously keeping control of the ball and scoring at a league-high rate while having an electric and versatile ground game.

I’ve gone full boomer.

Jordan Howard runs through people. The offensive line loves this. Landon Dickerson was born for this. Jason Kelce continues to punish defensive tackles like it’s still 2017. Look at Lane Johnson’s celebration after Howard bullies his way for a first down:

Boston Scott is shifty and uses his low center of gravity to bounce by defenders:

The Eagles have started two of the most prolific running quarterbacks in league history in Randall Cunningham and Michael Vick. Jalen Hurts isn’t on their level, but continues to produce on the ground. He’s totaled 186 rushing yards the last three games. Here’s a 31-yard run he broke off in Denver:

Hurts’ ability to make plays with his legs is obvious. It’s his development as a passer that will decide whether he can be the Eagles’ legitimate answer at quarterback for years to come. He looked the part on Sunday, tossing two touchdowns in the first half against the Broncos that let the Birds take an early lead. It’ll take more than an excellent half of throwing the football to convince the organization that he’s The Guy, but head coach Nick Sirianni finding a balance that allows Hurts to showcase his development as a passer while continuing to crush teams in the running game is a recipe for a late-season playoff run.

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