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Weapon X Mailbag: Can the Eagles go on a month-long winning streak?

Plus: Who’s at quarterback for the Saints?

Philadelphia Eagles v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images


I’m basking in the post-win glow.

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@notmichaelwrght: Half way over reaction, half genuine question: how likely do you think it is that the birds win out the rest the season? If they can beat the Saints next week, its NYJ, NYG x2, WAS x2 and a most likely meaningless week 18 vs Dallas. Am I crazy to think they could win all of them?

@alex252: What’s the likelihood of the Eagles going on a month long win streak?

I’m a reactionary guy. Sunday felt like an inflection point in the Eagles’ season. If they lost, things would probably have been over. That was their last non-conference road game. Denver had a winning record. The back of their schedule has two games against the Giants and Washington, respectively, a trip to the Meadowlands against the lowly Jets, a matchup with Trevor Siemian and a Week 18 contest with a Dallas team that may be resting their starters.

Are they going to run the table? No. It’s just too improbable. I’d love nothing more in this world than for the Eagles to finish this season on an eight-game win streak. I’d be in full mania mode. Beer would taste colder. Food would taste better. Angels would sing as you walked down the street.

A month-long win streak though? I think it’s happening. Am I getting carried away? Probably! I don’t care. I bet they’re 7-6 going into the bye.

Week 10: win in Denver.

Week 11: win at home against New Orleans.

Week 12: win at the Meadowlands against the Giants.

Week 13: win at the Meadowlands against the Jets.

Week 14: Act like the cockiest person on the face of the Earth when the Eagles enter the bye week with a winning record.

I’m so gassed up right now. Can they possibly finish 10-7? That’d be a dream scenario, a realistic dream at that.

@johnnyKLINGER: When is the next time the Eagles will be underdogs?

For an early, EARLY line, the Birds are currently 3.5-point underdogs in their Week 17 game down in Washington. That’s right now though. What if the Eagles are going to be 8-7 heading into that matchup? The tide would turn!

They’re favorites against the Saints right now. If they win, I would assume they’d be favorites against the Giants even though they’re on the road next Sunday. They would definitely be favorites against the Jets the following week.

They have two home games against the Giants and Washington. They should be favorites in both of those.

A toss up could be their season finale in South Philly against the Cowboys. If it’s a game where Dallas has clinched their playoff positioning and are resting their starters, the Eagles might be favorites. If the Cowboys still have something to play for, I’m sure Vegas would give the edge to Dallas.

@SwaggyMitch: Which qb do u think birds are planning to see more of this week?

That’s a good question, Mitch.

In the Saints’ 23-21 loss to the Saints on Sunday, Siemian threw the ball 34 times. Taysom Hill threw the ball twice, had three rushes and two targets as a receiver (one catch).

While there’s obviously been turnover on the coaching staff, the Eagles have faced Hill three times previously and a decent amount of the Eagles’ defenders were around for that. Hill and the Saints played the Birds twice in 2018m including one game in the postseason. Hill wasn’t a huge factor then, combining for just 22 yards of total offense across those two games.

The Eagles faced New Orleans last season at home. Hill was actually the starter that game and played pretty well. He completed 73.7 percent of his passes while throwing for 291 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. He also added 29 yards on the ground as a runner.

Saints head coach Sean Payton LOVES having Hill out on the field in a variety of formations even if he’s being used as a decoy gadget player the majority of the time. I’d imagine Hill gets around a half-dozen touches on Sunday. The different ways that Payton utilizes him as a runner, passer and receiver do require apt preparation even if Hill isn’t as productive as his reputation leaves people to believe.

Still, he’s not the actual starting quarterback. Siemian should garner the majority of the Eagles’ attention during the week. Siemian, in his age-30 season, has 27 career starts. There’s plenty of tape out there to learn from and then shut him down. Siemian will be the worst quarterback the Eagles have faced this year. With the right game plan, Jonathan Gannon and the defense should be able to replicate their great performance from this past Sunday.

@Hashzilla: Will Teddy get a job at Walmart loss prevention In The future ? Or will this effort haunt him forever

If an Eagles quarterback gave the effort that Teddy Bridgewater gave on this Darius Slay return, I would blow a fuse:

That was absolutely pathetic. It was a one-score game in the third quarter!

@wheresbenrivera: You can only watch one Eagles/Saints clip for the rest of your life. The Sheldon Brown hit or the Reggie White safety celebration?

The Sheldon Brown hit against Reggie White in the 2006 NFC Divisional Round is a fan-favorite moment, but the Eagles lost that game, which removes some of the shine for me.

I’m going with the Reggie White play because the Eagles actually won that 1992 Wild Card playoff game in New Orleans, White is the G.O.A.T. defensive player and because the legendary John Madden is on the call:

@BleedGreen902: Has this team shown enough growth at this point that we could actually make a run at the playoffs? Boys looked great last night! Pretty soft schedule on the horizon for our guys in green! #gobirds


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