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Uniform Analysis: The Eagles have perfect road combo for the rest of 2021

White-on-black uniforms looked great in Denver

Philadelphia Eagles v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

A vibe check is integral after every Eagles game. Just as much as on-field play matters to the vibes equation, so do aesthetics. The Birds unveiled, for the first time ever, a new uniform combination against the Broncos: white jerseys with black pants.

When the black jerseys were first introduced in 2003, they were worn with white pants. Later on in the Andy Reid era, they were worn with green pants. When Chip Kelly came to town, the Eagles started going with the “blackout” look with black jerseys and black pants. The black pants have never been worn with a non-black jersey.

My favorite Eagles look has historically been white jerseys with midnight green pants. I absolutely LOATHE the white jerseys/white pants combo. I did love the energy behind this switch for this past week. This is a weird season. It’s simultaneously a punted season, a transition season and a season where they have a shot at a Wild Card spot. Let’s get WEIRD.

The Birds’ 44-6 win against the Lions was an absolute thrashing, but they’re a winless team. The victory in Denver was the biggest, most convincing win of the season given that the Broncos were 5-4 heading into the matchup. Jalen Hurts had his best game in 2021. DeVonta Smith scored two touchdowns on his 23rd birthday. Darius Slay had his biggest moment as an Eagle. The offensive line BULLIED the Denver defense in the ground game. I was on high life watching the Birds.

The Eagles NEED to roll with this look on the road the rest of the season. This momentum is building with winnable games over the next two months. You look good, you play good. If the team captain and QB1 is about this, then they have no choice but to keep rolling with it:

I’m wondering what’s next now!

In the video announcing the team’s new uniform combo, stud rookie wideout DeVonta Smith mentions that he wants to wear green jerseys with green pants:

Could that be in the cards this week against the Saints at home? It’s Smith’s birthday week! They need to hook him up!

If Hurts is into the black pants look, what if the Eagles rolled with something like this?

The Eagles are winless this season at home. They’ve worn their normal green jerseys and white pants combo. It’s time to scratch that for the remainder of 2021. The Birds usually wear their all-black uniforms twice per year. Are those still on the table? I love the atmosphere at Lincoln Financial Field for a blackout game, but I’m down to do variations instead of simply rolling with the all-black getup two times.

Here’s how I would do the uniform combination the rest of the year:

Week 11 vs. Saints: green jerseys, green pants

Week 12 at Giants: white jerseys, black pants

Week 13 at Jets: white jerseys, black pants

Week 14: BYE

Week 15 vs. Washington: green jerseys, black pants

Week 16 vs. Giants: black jerseys, black pants

Week 17 at Washington: white jerseys, black pants

Week 18 vs. Dallas: green jerseys, black pants

If the Birds keep thinking outside the box when it comes to their uniforms, there’s every reason in the world to believe they’re grabbing the final playoff spot in the NFC.

Today’s vibe check? Things are immaculate.

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