Hosting the Ultimate Philadelphia Eagles Viewing Party


Hosting the Ultimate Philadelphia Eagles Viewing PartyIs there anything better than waking up and knowing that the only thing you have to do that day is to watch the Philadelphia Eagles play? Yes, there is -- waking up knowing you’re going to watch the Eagles with your closest friends. As we all figure out sooner or later, happiness (or sadness, if it’s a defeat) is better when shared. Whilst you can go to a bar to watch the Eagles do their thing, another option is to host a gathering at your house. That way, you’ll A. save money as a bar can be expensive, and B. ensure you’re only watching the game with people you really like – after all, you don’t control who goes into a public bar!

Of course, hosting a viewing party involves more than just switching on the television at the right time. In this blog, we’ll look at some tips for making your viewing party as good as possible.

Pick a Big Game

You’ll likely enjoy every Eagles game, no matter who they’re playing. But it’s true that the "smaller" games don’t make for a viewing party that’s all that exciting. So be sure to pick a game that contains plenty of intrigue. You can’t go wrong if you’re choosing a game against one of the Eagles’ main rivals -- any game against the Patriots, Steelers, Washington, Giants or the Cowboys will do.

Watching Space

You may already have a living room that’s ideal for watching football games. But will it be ideal if many people are watching the game? If it’s currently set up for solo usage, then you’ll want to make a few changes before people come around. For example, you may want to remove any unnecessary furniture or add some comfortable seating. How much you need to change will depend on how many people are coming, of course. And talking of attending guests...

Curated Guestlist

The fun of the party will depend on A. how well the Eagles play and B. who’s in attendance. When it comes to putting together a guest list, it’s best to keep things limited to people who already have an existing interest in the Eagles. If not, you might find that you’re having to answer too many questions -- or that people have more interest in talking than they do watching the game. You can invite them to the bar for games against lesser teams; this evening is all for the die-hard fans!


Make It a Day-Long Event

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of organizing a viewing party, then you’ll want it to last longer than the length of the football game. And that means having some other activities available. Plus, there’s a lot of downtime during an NFL game, so it can be handy to have some other means of entertainment available. If it’s rainy, then video games or a round of poker will be ideal; just be sure to have a list of poker hand rankings nearby to benefit those who don’t play often. If it’s a sunny day, then look at tossing the pigskin outdoors -- it’s a great way to keep spirits and energy high.

Supply Food and Drinks

No game day viewing party would be complete without some snacks and drinks. In all likelihood, people will bring supplies of their own accord (though you can also tell them to), but you’ll want to have a selection of snacks and beverages available. If it’s a long day, then a full meal will be appropriate -- for this, you could whip up your own big-batch meal or order pizzas.

Take these tips, and your house might just become your friends’ go-to Eagles viewing spot!