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The Jaguars should hire Doug Pederson to be their coach in 2022

Jacksonville would be wise to do so.

Philadelphia Eagles v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

For all the disheartened Eagles fans out there, myself included, it’s good to remember that things could always be worse. Yes, these last couple of weeks have sucked, but we did get to experience the once-in-a-lifetime magic that was the 2017 Super Bowl run. Heck, we could have even worse luck and be Jaguars fans.

Things are not going well in Jacksonville to say the least. The Jaguars are 0-4. First-time NFL head coach Urban Meyer seems like a disaster at the pro level. The only thing worse than the Jaguars’ on-field performance is Meyer’s life off the field.

Meyer had an, uh, interesting weekend partying up with some women who are much very not his wife:

Meyer was already embarrassing himself as an NFL coach, but he’s a total joke to his team now:

I can’t see Meyer lasting the rest of this month, let alone being around for 2022. The massive mistake Jacksonville made when they hired Meyer will be rectifying itself shortly.

The Jaguars selected Trevor Lawrence with the first-overall pick back in April. They cannot afford to waste the rookie contract of one of the best quarterback prospects this century. They need a great offensive mind who can mold a young quarterback. They need someone who is analytically savvy. They need someone who is a true leader of men. They need the guy who led that 2017 Super Bowl squad.

They need Doug Pederson.

Pederson would swiftly change the fate of the Jaguars’ franchise and Lawrence’s young career. Give Pederson Jacksonville’s cast of talented skill position players in D.J. Chark, Laviska Shenault, James Robinson and Travis Etienne and he can work his magic.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan needs to get it together, get Meyer out of this organization ASAP and prepare to bring Pederson back to the NFL head coaching ranks next season.

Oh, by the way: the Jaguars play in Philadelphia in 2022...

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