Remember All These Things That Happened Yesterday?

Remember the eagles opening drive, where we were moving the ball efficiently, Hurts looked great, Got Devonta involved early, and then Hurts threw that beautiful TD to Ertz over the middle?

Oh man and then remember, after we moved the ball so easily again and threw a TD to Goedart.

And then after another great TD pass to Goedart, which wasn't negated by a silly penalty. And then laterHurts fired ANOTHER td pass to Greg Ward as he laid out and made an awesome diving catch?

Then, in the 3rd quarter, that methodical 3 yard TD pass to Ertz that was not called back due to a tick tacky call oof offensive holding to our great first round pick from several years ago, Whiteside?

And then, my favorite play of the game, Hurts, keeping us alive. finds Devonta deep for that 34 yard TD and didn't step out of bounds again just like Reagor didn't do against the 49ers, and how we didn't end up turning the ball over on down?!

Flawless football right there. Plus a game with zero penalties. Way to go Birds.

Remember how the refs were so fair and impartial and called all of those holding penalties against the Chiefs offensive line?

Or how Reid didn't run up the score at the end?

Much respect to the defense for not letting up 40 points two games in a row, and for having a solid game plan against Mahomes and Tyreek Hill.

Also gotta love how we stuck with the run game considering just how bad KC is at stopping the run.Ohh, yeah, except the complete opposite happened. Penalties negated 4 TDs. Stepping out of bounds by Smith is inexcusable considering the same exact thing happened 2 weeks ago to Reagor. The Refs were calling everything they could against the Eagles and ignoring so many egregious holding penalties committed by KC. Reid was a dick and had no reason to bomb one to Hill at the end.

Hurts was actually pretty solid. Devonta had his best game of the year. I am officially giving up on Reagor, despite his one decent kick return. Whiteside has been completely delegated to special teams. And we fail to use Miles Sanders, arguably a top 10 RB, the correct way.

And while I hope Lane Johnson is OK, missing a game just 10 mins before its about to start due to "personal reasons" really really sucked.

But hey, at least the Cowboys, Chiefs, and the mighty powerful Giants all won yesterday.