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Eagles outmatched in loss to Chiefs, 42 to 30

Three straight losses for Philadelphia.

Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are 1-3 after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon. Final score: 42 to 30.

The Eagles kept this game competitive early on but a number of mistakes did them in. Three Eagles touchdowns were taken off the board due to penalties. Nick Sirianni coached too conservatively and unwisely settled for red zone field goals. The defense didn’t have any answers for one of the NFL’s most lethal offenses.

Read on for a recap and stay tuned for more BGN postgame coverage.


  • The Chiefs won the coin toss and deferred to have the Eagles offense up first. Nick Sirianni ran the ball on first down, because of course he would after the criticism from Monday’s loss. Miles Sanders only picked up a yard on the play. Then the Eagles went back to the pass and it helped them get to the red zone. Jalen Hurts overthrew an open Zach Ertz in the end zone on 2nd-and-8. Then he bailed the pocket upon feeling pressure and was fortunate to escape for a 5-yard gain. On 4th-and-3, the Eagles tried to draw the Chiefs offside and burned a timeout just to kick a field goal from the 11-yard line. Extremely weak stuff when facing the Chiefs. Need to go all out to win. EAGLES 3, CHIEFS 0.
  • Josh Sweat, not Derek Barnett this time, had a dumb offside penalty to turn 3rd-and-1 into a Chiefs first down. Patrick Mahomes had Byron Pringle open deep down the field and didn’t pull the trigger for some reason, throwing the ball away into the dirt instead. No matter, though, because Mahomes led the Chiefs down the field and hit Tyreek Hill — who outran the Eagles’ defense horizontally across the field — for a touchdown. Except Hill was actually out at the 1-yard line. So Andy Reid naturally called a shovel pass and it worked. EAGLES 3, CHIEFS 7.
  • The Eagles did a nice job of mixing tempo with getting the ball out of Hurts’ hands fast to move near the red zone. The Eagles found themselves in a 4th-and-2 and Sirianni correctly went for it this time with Hurts hitting Kenny Gainwell despite having pressure in his face. Good throw. The Eagles got set back with an Andre Dillard holding penalty but it didn’t matter with Hurts hitting Gainwell for a 15-yard gain. It looked like Gainwell may have fumbled so the Eagles ran hurry up to prevent the Chiefs from reviewing. Hurts hit Dallas Goedert for a contested catch touchdown. Great drive! EAGLES 10, CHIEFS 7.
  • J.J. Arcega-Whiteside forced a fumble on the Chiefs’ kick return but KC was fortunate to recover. Josh Sweat had a big sack but it was wiped out by illegal contact on Rodney McLeod.


  • The Chiefs converted a 3rd-and-2 but had it called back due to an illegal formation penalty. On 3rd-and-7, the Chiefs got called for a delay of game penalty. On 3rd-and-12, Mahomes took off running to pick up the first down himself. Bad. Mahomes then hit Hill deep along the right sideline to enter the red zone. Just a great throw and catch, basically impossible to defend. On 3rd-and-goal, Mahomes connected with Hill again for the score. Eric Wilson was in the area. Not the matchup you want to see. EAGLES 10, CHIEFS 14.
  • The Eagles opened with a designed run for Hurts for a first down. The Eagles moved past midfield and Hurts lofted up a ball down the field with pressure in his face. The inadvisable throw was ruled a pick but it clearly hit the ground so it was overturned. Hurts bailed out of a really bad decision/throw. Hurts responded by leading the Eagles into goal-to-go territory. Hurts hit Goedert for a touchdown but it was called back due to Dillard’s third penalty (second illegal formation) of the first half. Hurts threw a little too wide of Greg Ward’s outstretched arms to miss a touchdown. Hurts threw backwards to Sanders on a play that counted as a run for a one-yard loss. Another bad play call by Sirianni in goal-to-go. On third down, Hurts held on to the ball and threw incomplete to ... basically no one. Sirianni, apparently not interested in beating the Chiefs, opted for a field goal from the 7-yard line to cut KC’s lead to just one point. EAGLES 13, CHIEFS 14.
  • Oh, hey, who could've guessed, the Chiefs easily moved into goal-to-go territory. In part helped by another dumb penalty by Derek Barnett, a roughing the passer call this time. The Chiefs scored on another shovel pass to take an eight-point lead. Taking that FG really paid off! EAGLES 13, CHIEFS 21.
  • Hurts unfurled a shot down the field to DeVonta Smith for a 37-yard gain. Nice throw. Then Smith made an impressive leaping grab on a ball thrown a little too wide for another first down. Hurts hit Gainwell for a 1-yard gain in the middle of the field with the clock ticking. Instead of calling a timeout at 3rd-and-9 from the Chiefs’ 39-yard line, Hurts dropped back and got strip-sacked on a blitz. The Chiefs temporarily recovered it but lost control again for Nate Herbig to recover and the first half to expire. Eagles very fortunate the Chiefs didn’t at least get a field goal out of that. Terrible stuff, still.


  • Javon Hargrave drew a double team that freed up Sweat to force Mahomes into an interception to Eric Wilson on 3rd-and-9. Great job by the defense!
  • Hurts found an open Smith for a 21-yard gain, giving the rookie receiver his first 100-yard game of his NFL career. The Eagles easily moved into the red zone and then goal-to-go territory. Then the offense committed a delay of game in their own stadium. Zach Ertz couldn’t hang on to a contested catch in the end zone. The trusty vet has to make that play. Hurts hit Ertz to bring up 3rd-and-goal from the 6-yard line. On third down, Hurts was pressured into a throwaway. Sirianni cowardly brought the field goal unit out for the Eagles’ third red zone kick but he was bailed out by a Chiefs offside penalty. Sirianni correctly went for the touchdown from the 3-yard line and Hurts connected with Ertz for the score ... except J.J. Arcega-Whiteside was called for offensive pass interference on a pick. Sirianni and Jason Kelce were among those pissed by the ref’s ruling. The Eagles settled for a field goal from 4th-and-goal on the 13-yard line. EAGLES 16, CHIEFS 21.
  • The Chiefs went 75 yards in 11 plays for a touchdown. Pretty easy for them. All the more reason not to kick red zone field goals. EAGLES 16, CHIEFS 28.
  • Nice 44-yard kick return by Jalen Reagor set the Eagles up with good field position.


  • Dillard was called for his fourth penalty but it didn’t matter because Hurts drew a flag for getting hit as he went out of bounds. The Eagles drove to goal-to-go territory yet again. Gainwell took a draw from the 7-yard line to punch it up the gut for a score. Nice drive by the offense. EAGLES 23, CHIEFS 28.
  • The Chiefs faced 3rd-and-6 from their own 40-yard line but a bad neutral zone infraction from Sweat set up an easy 3rd-and-1 conversion. The Chiefs moved into the red zone with a big run and then Mahomes hit Hill for a touchdown. Just too easy. EAGLES 23, CHIEFS 35.
  • Hurts had a good completion to Ertz to move into Cheifs territory. Then he aired it out to DeVonta Smith for a touchdown! ... except Smith, not unlike Jalen Reagor two weeks ago, stepped out of bound en route to the end zone to nullify the score. How does that happen twice in the span of three weeks? That’s not a regular thing that happens! The Eagles got to 4th-and-1 and Hurts threw the ball away to basically end Philly’s chances of winning the game. Can’t just throw it out of bounds like that. At least give someone a chance of making a play.
  • The Chiefs ran some clock and then Mahomes aired it out deep to a wide open Hill for yet another touchdown. EAGLES 23, CHIEFS 42.
  • The Eagles moved into the red zone and Hurts hit Ward for a garbage time touchdown. Second week in a row that’s happened. EAGLES 30, CHIEFS 42.


  • With Lane Johnson unexpectedly out, the Eagles started the following offensive line configuration ...

Left tackle: Andre Dillard
Left guard: Landon Dickerson
Center: Jason Kelce
Right guard: Nate Herbig
Right tackle: Jack Driscoll

  • Jalen Reagor replaced Quez Watkins at kick returner after the latter nearly gave possession to the Chiefs after mishandling the ball.


  • Quez Watkins got banged up late in the second quarter. He remained in the game.
  • Marcus Epps replaced Rodney McLeod on the field late in the second quarter. McLeod returned in the third quarter. Perhaps McLeod was on a pitch count?

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