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Weapon X Mailbag: What would it take for the Eagles to fire Howie Roseman?

Plus: Drafting another first-round WR?

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Eagles STINK!

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As a head’s up, the final question features potential spoilers for the film Dune.

You’ve been warned!

@j_vols: What’s it gonna take for Jeffrey Lurie to finally say this is it & wipe the slate clean with Howie & the entire coaching staff?

Let’s take a look at Howie Roseman, Nick Sirianni and Jonathan Gannon here. I ordered them from most likely to be here in 2022 to least likely.

If the Eagles fall to the winless Lions and the Eagles defense looks inept yet again, I truly would not be shocked if Gannon got canned in the middle of the season. If the Eagles are ready to roll with Sirianni again next season, moving on from the current defensive coordinator could be framed as a fix for the organization even though it wouldn’t fix the biggest problems for the Eagles.

I’ve written previously that I could see Sirianni being a one-and-done coach. If this team ends up with two, three or four wins, I still believe that’s a possibility. Jeffrey Lurie cares about optics, likely too much, so I’m left wondering if he doesn’t want to look like a fool for hiring an overmatched coach and firing him after a single season.

As for Roseman?

Man, who knows?

It would have to be a complete embarrassment the rest of the season for him to go, a turn of events that leaves Lurie furious and disgusted regardless of his close relationship with Roseman.

If the Eagles lose out, which I don’t think they will, how do they bring him back? How do they potentially let him hire his fourth coach?

It’s going to take not just a bunch of losses for that ti happen, but bad losses, ones that illustrate that the team is failing at all three phases of the game. I’m talking about losses like the Cowboys Monday Night Football disaster and this past week against the Raiders.

I don’t expect Roseman to go. I will believe when I see no matter how much I want him to be gone.

Anthony Brown (via email): I know we’ve drafted a WR in the previous couple drafts and there are definately other positions of need, but what do you think about the Eagles using one of their first round picks to draft Treylon Burks? He is definitely the type of receiver the Eagle’s can use ... his size, strength/physicality and separation ability is the type of receiver we thought J.J. Arcega-Whiteside could have been. Injury history aside, if he’s on the board relative to his perspective draft position when the Eagles make their pick, he may be too good a player to pass up. Your thoughts?

I’m not worried about archetypes when it comes to receivers. Just take guys who can get open and can catch the football. It’s that simple. I think back to the Eagles wanting a “fast” wide receiver over a guy who’s “only” a slot wideout, which led the team to draft Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson. I truly don’t care if a guy is supposed to be a complement to DeVonta Smith’s play style. Get the best players on the field.

@EHyungNim: I don’t think the Birds will fire Sirianni if they can possibly avoid it (and in many cases, I’d agree with giving coaches multiple years to simmer), but if they do, who would be your top candidate if Daboll stays in Buffalo? Byron Leftwich? Eric Bieniemy? Todd Bowles (I’d prefer non-DC hire)?

I would've hired Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich this past hiring cycle and I’m surprised he didn’t get much buzz around the league. If the Bucs go and win another Super Bowl, I’m sure that would change.

If the Birds move on from Sirianni, he’s my guy as of now.

@NegadelphiaNorm: Do you think Sirianni and/or Gannon have lost the locker room yet? If not, do you think they will?

This is pretty damning for Gannon at the very least:

As we’ve continuously seen with the post-Super Bowl Eagles, when things go poorly on the field, that tends to seep into the locker room too. The fact that these Eagles players don’t have long relationships with the head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator with no prior success together doesn’t help matters. Even in 2020, players might have been able to find solace in Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz because they reached the pinnacle of the Super Bowl with them. That’s not the case with Sirianni and Gannon.

The more the Eagles stack losses, the more tense things will get in the building.

@AgliataJake: If Lurie fires Howie, the city of Philadelphia makes a collective video apology, and we get a killer gift basket, can we bring back Doug Pederson?



@killakow: Who went into “eff-you” mode the hardest in Dune?

It has to be Jason Momoa’s performance as Duncan Idaho.

He was an irrational confidence guy during the scene where he was trapped in a hallway with Sardaukar troops and went to town on those dudes so that Paul, Jessica and Liet-Kynes could escape.

Is Momoa the biggest badass in Hollywood? Putting The Rock and Vin Diesel aside, it really might be him. Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. Baba Voss in See. He made Aquaman cool!

I’m buying all my Momoa stock.

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