What's the WORST Play in Recent Eagles History?

I'm going to steal an idea from fellow SBnation fan, Eagles5. Shoutout to Eagles5 for coming up with a cool and fun article-- "Whats the Greatest Play in Eagles History." Well, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I am going to use Eagles5 idea but with my pessimistic, glass-half-empty twist. What do you guys think is the WORST play the Eagles have had in recent memory?

Now, "worst" can mean a bunch of things. It can be a play that just seemed innocuous but changed the entire outcome of the game. Maybe a play that resulted in a devastating injury? It could be a poorly executed play that looked like middle schoolers were running it. It could be a play that wasn't necessarily executed bad, but ended up being so soul crushing because it didn't pan out the way we wanted. Or maybe it was a play where a dumb dumb penalty was called, ultimately changing the momentum. I have a few that come to mind. So if you're down in the dumps and want to feel even worse, then keep on reading. And let me know what you think or if there are some plays that I have just completely blocked out of my memory, which I am sure I have.

1) McNabb's interception in 2005 against the Cowboys to lose the game. Eagles were up 20-6, at home, midway through the 4th against the Cowboys. Cowboys score a TD to make it 20-14. Eagles get the opportunity to run out the clock if they can pick up a few first downs. Instead, McNabb, for whatever reason, throws a HORRIBLE pick 6 and the Cowboys win 21-20. I was at that game. To add insult to injury, McNabb suffered a season ending injury on that play. I've never heard so many curse words in my lifetime.

2) 2011, the dream team year, is chock full of bad plays. But remember against the 49ers when Ronnie Brown tried to throw a pass over his head, facing backwards, when we were at the one yard line?! I still have no idea if that was a designed play call, or if he just panicked. But one of the stupidest, costly plays i've ever seen.

3) I think this was 2018 or 2019. Philly is in Dallas. Philly kicks off to start the game. Dallas fumbles the kick return. Philly clearly recovers. But for some reason the refs rule that there was "no clear recovery by either team" (yes, there was) and Dallas would keep the ball. Dallas ended up winning the game.

4) 2016 against the Lions. After we start out trailing 14-0, we actually claw ourselves back in the game. We're leading in the 4th quarter, already in FG range, with the chance to maybe run out the clock. Ryan Matthews takes a hand off, puts the ball in the wrong arm, and has it knocked out with ease. Lions recover. Kick a winning FG. This game would have put the eagles at 4-0 had they won. Instead, it was the beginning of a very mediocre 2016 season.

5) Back to 2011. I believe Eagles are playing the Bears. Desperate for a win. We call the perfect fake punt. The Bears could not have been less prepared. Chas Henry receives the snap, and special teams ace Colt Anderson is WIDE open for a potential TD, but Henry underthrew him by at least 4 yards. Had this play been successful, this would have changed the momentum of the game, but instead we lost. And for those of you with a good memory, we missed the playoffs in 2011 by one game.

6) 2013. The year of Nick Foles historic 27-2 streak. We make the playoffs, and have a home game against the Saints. The Saints were favored, but somehow we took the lead in the 4th quarter with about 4 minutes left. We kick off to Darren Sproles (this was before he became an Eagle). Sproles runs it back to like, the 45 yard line AND Cary Williams is flagged for a facemask penalty Game was over then and there.

7) 2018. Playoff game agains the Saints in the divisional round. Philly is marching down the field in the 4th quarter for the potential go ahead score. After a 7 yard play to bring up 2nd and 3, and with the 2 minute warning just seconds away, the Eagles choose to get one more play off before the 2 minute warning. Foles throws to Jeffery, ball goes through Jeffery's hands, Saints pick it off and win. I have no idea why the Eagles didn't let the 2 minute warning come and regroup before running a play. But that one really hurt.

8) 2016 season. Rookie Wentz vs Rookie Prescott. Game is in Dallas. Eagles actually controlled this game and were up 10 in the 4th quarter, and Dallas was about to punt. Instead, Dallas runs a fake punt that absolutely no one was prepared for, allowing them to pick up the first down with ease, and ultimately winning the game later in overtime.

9) Leonard Weaver's injury in week 1 in the 2010 season was awful. He was going to be a big part of the offense that year. And the injury he suffered is excruciating if you watch it on youtube.

10) Almost every time Nnaamdi Assamougha was targeted.