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Eagles News: Philadelphia needs more from Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/20/21.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

10 Eagles who have to start playing better - NBCSP
Jalen Hurts: There’ve been a lot of positives and some truly exciting moments, but six games in, we still haven’t seen the consistency we need to see from the 23-year-old quarterback. As a passer, Hurts has had two very good games (Falcons, Chiefs), two decent games (49ers, Cowboys) and two poor games (Panthers, Buccaneers). He’s kept the Eagles in games with his running ability, but if he doesn’t show significant growth as a pocket passer he’ll ultimately be too limited to lead this team over the long haul. It’s early. It’s only six games. It’s way too soon to make any judgments. But he has to be better.

NFL Week 7 Offense Rankings - PFF
16. Philadelphia Eagles. There is big-time potential within the Eagles’ offense, even with the inconsistent play of quarterback Jalen Hurts, but the offensive line has been hampered by injuries after looking like it was back to being a dominant force early in the season. Ten different offensive linemen have taken a snap for Philadelphia this season, with nine playing at least 96 snaps. The Eagles rank middle of the pack in rushing yards, but because of how much of that heavy lifting is being done by Hurts, only the Chiefs average more rushing yards before contact. The key to this offense will be whether Hurts can become just a little more consistent on the big plays that have been there for the taking all season. He has completed just 10-of-26 deep attempts on the year.

Eagles All-22 Film Review: Observations from the loss to the Buccaneers - BGN
This is the worst of the day. Perfect call by Nick Sirianni and Reagor is wide open early on. Jalen Hurts stares right at Smith (who is also wide open) and just doesn’t throw it. I really have no idea what to say about this play. You simply have to throw this ball to Reagor earlier. I actually do not blame Reagor for slowing down here because he knows he is getting too far away for Hurts to be able to make the throw. There’s been a lot of talk this week about Sirianni needing to alter the offense for Hurts and whilst I think there is some truth to this, the fact remains that Hurts need to make a lot more routine throws than he is currently.

What have we learned about Nick Sirianni? Jalen Hurts? Sheil Kapadia on 10 key questions facing the Eagles - The Athletic
Depending on which metric you prefer, Hurts has performed somewhere between slightly below average to very bad. Next Gen Stats tracks completion percentage above expectation. It looks at the likelihood of a completion on every throw based on distance, receiver separation, pressure and other factors. It then compares actual completion percentage to expected completion percentage. Hurts ranks 21st. I like to look at just expected completion percentage. This can help explain the types of throws a quarterback is attempting. Hurts ranks 34th out of 36 in expected completion percentage. In other words, he’s attempting a lot of high degree-of-difficulty throws. Now, that can be due to a number of different factors. It might be that the coaches aren’t scheming up open receivers. It might be that the receivers aren’t winning their one-on-one matchups. Or it might be that Hurts is making poor decisions in terms of where to go with the ball. On film, you see examples of all three of those things.

Predicting NFL Week 7 upset picks, fantasy football sleepers and flops, plus buzz and notes around the league - ESPN+
But my thinking is just kind of rooted in the idea that the landscape shifts a lot between now and March. Watson may not want to go to Philly, but what if it comes down to that or staying in Houston? Would he change his mind? So I just think the way to look at this is that anything can happen, and that trove of picks leaves the Eagles in position to take advantage of whatever does.

NFC Hierarchy/Obituary: Week 7 - PhillyVoice
We laid out where the Eagles stand within the NFC’s hierarchy on Monday. They’re not as bad as the worst teams in the league and they’ll win some games, but they very clearly can’t hang with the big dogs, and are still pretty far from being Super Bowl contenders. They badly need a purging of their older, expensive players, and it’s imperative that they hit on their stockpile of super valuable assets in the 2022 NFL Draft. As for Jalen Hurts, in terms of “stock up, stock down” after each of his first six games, I would score it like so: At Falcons: stock up, 49ers: stock down, At Cowboys: stock down, Chiefs: stock up, At Panthers: stock even, Buccaneers: stock down. He is not on a path toward securing a place as the Eagles’ franchise quarterback in 2022 and beyond. There’s still time. Six games down, 11 to go. But he has some catching up to do.

Agent’s Take: Breaking down Zach Ertz trade’s financial implications for Eagles, Cardinals and Dallas Goedert - CBS Sports
Eagles executive vice-president/general manager Howie Roseman almost dealt Ertz to Buffalo in July, but had a change of heart. Goedert’s possible inclusion in a potential trade with the Texans for Deshaun Watson kept Roseman from pulling the trigger on an Ertz deal. Surprisingly, the relationship with Ertz had been mended enough during training camp for him to declare near the end of the preseason that he wanted to finish his career in Philadelphia.

What did the coordinators learn during the mini-bye weekend? -
The Eagles’ defense, says Jonathan Gannon, needs to be better in “situational” football moving forward. “I thought we did a good job of taking these last three days and looking at some different things. The one thing with a mini-bye, I guess, you could say, or the self-scout evaluation process is we kind of self-scout after every game. Like we’ll say, ‘Hey, did we set up the plan? How did we execute? What did we call? What was good? What was bad? Why, good or bad?’ But you do get a little bit of a time where you can kind of chunk things together, and look, ‘OK, like this is what we need to improve on each call. This has been really good, let’s call it more. Or this has been not so good, let’s call it less.’ “I did get a little bit more time to do that with the three days that we kind of had, where you don’t get that as much on a Monday because you’re kind of on to the next opponent. But it’s always been my job – like the grand scheme of things, how are we calling it? How are we executing? What can we get better at? What needs to be called more and what needs to be called less?

DVOA Week 6: Bills Come Back to Earth - Football Outsiders
[BLG Note: The Eagles are actually higher than the Raiders in DVOA ... 18th vs. 21st.]

Week 6 Raiders: Winners and losers against Broncos - Silver And Black Pride
I think hands down the biggest winner from Sunday’s game has to be Greg Olson. He didn’t even know he was going to be calling plays until Monday evening and it had been about six years since he had done so. However, Olson led the Raiders’ offense to its highest-scoring game of the season, including their two overtime bouts, and 426 total yards. What might be most surprising about those two numbers is the team recorded its second-lowest time of possession on the year by about two and a half minutes, and their lowest TOP came during the 14-point outing in Los Angeles.

Report: Cowboys safety Damontae Kazee arrested Tuesday morning, charged with driving under influence - Blogging The Boys
This is obviously not great news for the Cowboys who are currently one of the best teams in the NFL with a 5-1 record. We’ll have to wait to see what becomes of the charges and if the NFL as a league will get involved.

NFL trade deadline: Giants need to be sellers, and here is who could go - Big Blue View
The Giants have a huge decision to make coming up soon in regards to whether or not to give Barkley a long-term second contract. My vote on that, incidentally, is no as of now. See Christian McCaffrey and Todd Gurley. The “Build Around Barkley” plan hasn’t worked to this point. I’m not sure doubling down on it with a second mega-deal is the thing to do. I think that is a decision better left to the offseason when you have more time to work through all of the options and ramifications. There is also this — if the organization isn’t sure Gettleman will be their GM going forward, why would they let him engineer that trade? Save it for the next guy and let him build the roster his way.

Off Day Debrief #59: Titans stop Bills on 4th to win on MNF + Week 7 Power Rankings - The SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Stats” Guerrera and Brandon Lee Gowton react to the Titans big win on Monday Night Football, and unveil the only 100% accurate power rankings in the entire NFL podcast kingdom. Why did the Bills play so conservative early in the game? The Titans showed their mental toughness in this win It’s time to give the Cardinals their due. Is this the best offense in the history of the Dallas Cowboys? Week 7 Power Rankings. MVPs and LVPs of the Week.


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