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Weapon X Mailbag: Who is responsible for the Eagles’ screen calls?

Plus: Wilson or Rodgers?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

I hope you enjoyed an Eagles free (and likely stress-free) Sunday.

Just like that anxiety you have during game week though, the mailbag is BACK!

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@PatrickO_Leary: Do you think the screens are coming from Nick Sirianni or Shane Steichen?

We’re getting into Mike Groh territory with offensive coordinator Shane Steichen.

What would you say you do here?

There’s enough talk about Nick Sirianni himself not having enough leeway within this organization as Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman wield more power than House Targaryen before Robert’s Rebellion. If we’re left wondering whether Sirianni has any agency in this organization, Steichen would have even less.

A condition of Sirianni’s hire was certainly that he’d deploy a pass-happy offense. It’s clear that’s how Lurie wants his team to play on the field. The screens are infuriating though I understand, in theory, how Sirianni tries to consider them a part of the run game. In practice though, they’ve been agonizing to watch.

Part of it is likely that Sirianni doesn’t trust Jalen Hurts to make deep throws all over the field. That’s unfortunate. I’d rather Hurts let it rip constantly and fail and know what changes need to occur at quarterback going forward than running this conservative passing attack. As Fall Out Boy would say, go down swinging! Go big or go home. Playing it safe and boring does nothing for Hurts’ evaluation as a franchise quarterback, does little to actually win football games and pisses off the fan base immensely.

It’s ultimately hard to truly blame the play-calling on anyone besides the dude calling the plays.

Craig Ternowchek (via email): Lets assume the Eagles decide to use a first-round pick to draft a new franchise quarterback. In an effort to get more picks they also decide to trade Jalen Hurts. If you’re a QB needy team without a top 5 pick heading into 2022 like Pittsburgh or Washington - would you trade a 1st round pick for Hurts?

If Hurts isn’t good enough to establish himself as the Eagles’ franchise quarterback, what team in the world is trading a first-round pick for him!?!?!?!?

I can’t imagine he has a ton of value league-wide if he doesn’t ball out here. If you subscribe to the idea that the Eagles drafted Hurts simply to be a backup quarterback, they might as well keep him as a cheap and talented backup QB in 2022 and 2023.

@eaglesburner_: Why is everyone so upset when we’ve played a murderer’s row schedule and are 2-4? I get the coaching hasn’t looked great but it’s 6 games into a 17 game season and the only game that was actually a “surprising” loss was to SF

It’s how the Eagles have lost these games. They have zero identity on both sides of the ball. Sirianni has showcased nothing in terms of building a program that can be sustainable in the future. The Atlanta win was great, but beating the Panthers was a disgusting win where it was more than fair to criticize both Sirianni and Hurts for their performance the first three quarters of the game. They looked awful.

Through six games, what parts of this Eagles team excite you for 2022? Jordan Mailata? DeVonta Smith? We already knew going into this season that those dudes are future studs. I am less optimistic about the 2022 Eagles than I was two months ago. Bad sign.

@Tom_bleed_green: Do the Eagles trade the war chest for Russell Wilson or Aaron Rogers in the offseason?

While his play has been uneven to say the least in 2021, I don’t think you can totally discount Hurts as being the team’s quarterback in 2022. I wrote last week that 2022 quarterback draft class isn’t overly enticing to me too. Would the Eagles prefer to go the trade route?

I can’t see Aaron Rodgers wanting to come here. Russell Wilson feels more viable (to what extent it’s viable at all remains to be seen). Wilson has haunted this Eagles franchise since they chose to pass on him in the 2012 NFL Draft, to say nothing of how he’s beaten them on the field time after time. It feels like his marriage with the Seahawks is reaching its end. With Wilson’s finger injury sending this Seattle season into disarray, perhaps the franchise would want to start over fresh in 2022.

Would the Eagles dump all their picks for Wilson? Yes. Would I do it? Absolutely. I’ve gassed up Hurts over the last several months, but the dream would be that he’s even remotely as good as Wilson is now at his current age. I just wrote that this season has done little for my 2022 outlook on the team, but if a seemingly lost year puts Wilson in midnight green, I’ll be overjoyed.

@rjochoa: What are your thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys this season?

I need the sweet release of death.

@TylerBoney: What’s your go to beer to survive the remainder of the season?

There’s nothing like an ice cold Kenwood. It’s the perfect tailgate beer too.

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