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Eagles All-22 Film Review: Observations from the loss to the Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Hello everyone, another week, another film room! This one is pretty depressing, especially on offense... so buckle up.

I will be breaking down film on my Twitter account and then uploading the tweets with some more analysis in this piece. I obviously cannot post everything so I will focus on certain things each week that stand out to me. I might see something a few times on film but only upload one example as you don’t need to see everything, so you will have to take my word if I say that I have seen something multiple times.

I am going to break down the offense followed by the defense each week and I will post the plays in order so you can see how the game played out. Sometimes I might focus on a specific area, I will see how each game plays out. I am simply choosing the most important plays and highlighting some players that stood out to me. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments and I look forward to discussing the game with you all. Let’s get to the film!


Right, I never want to be personal but a lot of this is going to focus around Jalen Hurts as he just played really, really poorly. We can debate the structure of the offense and whether it suits him but he is just not seeing the field at all at the moment.

I said last week I don’t really have much more to say about Jalen Reagor at this point so I won’t say much more. I just think he is lazy and he took routes off in college soon. Bad sign.

Back to Hurts - he missed DeVonta Smith on this throw on the first drive but there is no excuse for this throw. This a routine NFL throw. Just have to make this. Accuracy is clearly an issue for him as well as processing.

No analysis here, just found this pretty funny!

I am not an offensive coordinator and I would never pretend to be. But I have watched a lot of good offenses over the past few years and they don’t look like this. The spacing just looks all wrong. I don’t know if this is play design or players running lazy routes and drifting but it just looks awkward. Players are too close together and it looks bad.

More of this please! Eagles surely have to start building the offense around the run game and not just using it as a random accessory play here and there. When they ran the ball this week they had some real success against a very good run defense.

Once again, I am no expert but the spacing looks all out of sync here. I also think the Eagles badly need to work on what happens when the play breaks down because the receivers below look like they are just running around in circles. This is a weird statement, but the Eagles ‘out of structure offense’ needs to be more ‘structured’. If you know what I mean...

This is a processing issue once again. Its 2-high so immediately you know the cornerback can sit on comeback routes outside. The space will obviously be in the middle of the field and Hurts has two options wide open but doesn’t get off his first read and instead forces it to Smith. It is also just an inaccurate throw and he is lucky it is not picked off.

This is the worst of the day. Perfect call by Nick Sirianni and Reagor is wide open early on. Hurts stares right at Smith (who is also wide open) and just doesn’t throw it. I really have no idea what to say about this play. You simply have to throw this ball to Reagor earlier. I actually do not blame Reagor for slowing down here because he knows he is getting too far away for Hurts to be able to make the throw. There’s been a lot of talk this week about Sirianni needing to alter the offense for Hurts and whilst I think there is some truth to this, the fact remains that Hurts need to make a lot more routine throws than he is currently.

Seeing as this article is very negative so far, it’s only fair to point out the positives too! There wasn’t many positive plays by Hurts this game but this is a lovely throw.

Run. The. Ball.


I am not quite sure what to make of the defense this week. It was largely what we have seen the past few weeks. They were quite passive but I think overall they did a decent job against a very good offense. I still find it difficult to watch how far back the safeties are but I understand that Gannon is focused on not giving up the big play.

I will also use this article to give certain players a mention here and I think Avonte Maddox deserves a mention. He played really well this game and is having a pretty good year. In particular, I have been impressed by his physicality coming downhill in the run/screen game.

I complained earlier about the safeties playing very far back BUT you have to give credit to Gannon and this defense for being so good against shot plays this year. The secondary consistently do a good job working together and make sure that they don’t give up huge plays. I have been impressed by this aspect of the defense and I think it’s impressive giving that the Eagles were known for giving up big plays under Schwartz.

Another member who is having a great year is Darius Slay. Partly due to scheme but he is also just playing great ball right now and is showing that he is still a top corner in this league.

Random shoutout - Gernard Avery! How on earth did he make this play! He hasn’t exactly been a superstar this season but this plays flashes some real athleticism. Who knows, maybe he can carve out a bigger role yet.

Final point, I think Singleton is actually a decent linebacker but asking him to line up as the lone linebacker in man defense seems very tough on him. I am just not sure he is athletic enough or good enough to cover a tight end or running back with all this space around him. I wonder if the Eagles will considering replacing him in this package moving forward because the Bucs picked him on a lot in this game with short throws in the middle of the field.

That’s all for this week, hopefully next week will be a more positive one! Thanks all.

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