Here's What we all know to be true after the Bucs Game

After Brady went right down the field on the first 2 drives, 75 yards each, and scored a TD on both series, this game could've been a blow out. Instead, the Eagles only lost by 6, and had the defense been able to make just oneeee more stop on the Bucs final drive, then the Eagles could've possibly, maybe, stolen a win. Here are things we all know to be true:

The eagles defense is playing better. After letting up 40 burgers to both the Chiefs and Cowboys, the Eagles D has really stepped it up. They let that little kid who won a contest to play QB for the panthers look silly. Forcing 3 picks, and just letting that little contest winner score 18 points. And then against Know-one-talks-about-it Hair plugs Tom Brady, they held the "GOaT" to 28 points, even though they scored 14 on their first 2 drives. They also forced hair plugs Tommy to throw 3 picks, except the third one didn't count because I guess the refs also let a person ref a game who had recently won a contest. I'm good with the D over the last 2 weeks. And therefore, I'm good with Gannon.

The eagles offense is like being forced to watch Inception over and over and over again. It's boring, it's not creative even though others may think it is, and, in lay man's terms, it fuckin sucks. If I see one more failed WR/RB screen that goes for -2 yards one more time, then I am going to personally donate my eyes to science. I can't stand those plays. None of us can. I can't even remember a time it's picked up more than 3 yards. Why why why do we continue to make this a staple of our offense?

Hurts is still making bad, and i mean, BAD, throws. But for some reason, he comes alive when the game is almost out of reach and starts using his legs and making plays. I love him for this. But i hate him for the constant misfires. I guess the coaches need to somehow get him to play more loose the whole game, because that's clearly when he's at his best.

The new taunting rule penalty may be the worst thing to happen to this country since Katheryn Heigl. Why the refs felt the need to call a borderline taunting penalty, midway through the 4th quarter, after a nice eagles defensive play is baffling. If the NFL wants to enforce these taunting penalties, then have the refs flag players in the beginning of the game... not the end, unless it is insanely egregious.

Silver lining: Our schedule just got ridiculously easier. I mean I'm talking RIDICULOUSLY easier. We are going from having to play guys like Brady, MaHomes, and Prescott, to now doofuses like Daniel Jones, Jameis Winston, Teddy bear Bridgewater, Taylor Heinicke, the rookie for the Jets whose first name isn't important enough to remember, and a Raiders team that is surrounded in a smoke of homophobia and racism. I just hope it's not too late to take advantage of this gift of a second half schedule.

Here's a fun fact... eagles have yet to lead by 1 td in the first quarter the entire season. Isn't that neat? Always playing from behind, and if we are in fact leading early, it's just by 3. Even the falcons game in week 1, we went down 6-0. Wouldn't it be amazing if maybe one day we can actually start a game strong and go up 10-0? At this point, I couldn't even fathom it.

Said it before, I'll say it again. Hate Reagor. Dropped an easy third down pass. Yes later got called for PI, but bruh, make the catch anyway, it hit your hands and you need something redeemable.

Great to see Watkins get more targets and more action. Along that same vein, horrible to see the little usage Devanta Smith got. He's a first round pick. He's a really good receiver. The Giants are going to feed Kadarus Toney the rest of the season, even though Toney is certainly an inferior player. Get Devonta involved more and earlier.

Siriannia still can't call plays.

Any faith I had in Elliot last week has completely evaporated.

Although he didn't do anything to anger me, I really just can't stand the sight of Bruce Arians. He looks like the drunk, bloated grandfather at your thanksgiving table making asinine comments like how 9/11 was a conspiracy, or that Trump will retake the election in mid November. Just seems like a really off-putting guy. Sorry Bruce.

It couldn't be more clear that Aikman and Buck hate the eagles and were salivating that the Bucs won this one relatively easy. At one point, Bucs had it first and goal at the 1. Aikman said something, in his little sarcastic voice, "mnnyhee let's see if they can get it in here hhehehe lolzloloz". Uhhh, be a homer all you want when the Cowboys are playing. But every other game, just call the came like Kenny Albert would. Also Buck and Aikman were both wearing more makeup than my sister does. Stop it.