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Weapon X Mailbag: What should the Eagles do with their first-round picks in 2022?

Plus: Could you beat Sirianni in Madden?

NFL: Philadelphia Training Camp Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

SHORT WEEK! That means I only have a couple of days to soak up the post-victory vibes, but I can hopefully carry that juice right into Thursday night’s contest with the reigning Super Bowl champions.

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@lessthanted: Would you rather trade for Deshaun Watson and give away these high first rounders or draft a guy and build around him ?

Neil Arlett (via email): Being that the Eagles will have multiple top of draft picks in 2022, should they really do with them? Hold on and pick, trade back and acquire more draft capital, other?

Let’s tackle these two together.

I’ve written numerous times this offseason that I want nothing to do with Deshaun Watson. I’d be all-in, however, on an Aaron Rodgers trade (I can’t imagine he’d want to come to Philly though). I would’ve been RKOing people off the top of the Oregon stop of the Broad Street Line if the Eagles traded for Russell Wilson this past offseason, but his current injury issue gives me pause.

It’s very early, but the 2022 NFL Draft quarterback class doesn’t seem THAT great, right? I dig Liberty’s Malik Willis, who looks like he’ll go in the top 10. Desmond Ridder out of Cincinnati is creeping into first round projections. I like what I’ve seen from him. I haven’t seen enough from Matt Corral out of Ole Miss to speak on him currently. Neither UNC’s Sam Howell nor Oklahoma’s Spencer Rattler look good enough to me to take with a high pick.

If the Eagles truly believe someone like Willis or Ridder can be a legitimate franchise quarterback, pounce on that. If they’re not completely sold on one of these 2022 QBs, I can’t stress enough that a team, whether it’s the Eagles or a different one, shouldn’t force a quarterback pick for the sake of a quarterback pick. It just sets your contention timeline back.

Jalen Hurts has been up and down through five weeks of this season. We’ll see what the next 12 games bring, but I don’t hate the idea of keeping Hurts as QB1 for 2022 while on an uber-cheap contract and then using the team’s three first-round selections to build out a great team around him. If it’s clear that Hurts isn’t The Guy at that point, they can try to spring for a quarterback in the 2023 class while still having a solid young core on the roster.

Safety Kyle Hamilton from Notre Dame is a BEAST. He transform this Eagles defense. Remake that entire side of the ball.

@ThisIsJoeMac: Could you beat Nick Sirianni in madden?

Nick Sirianni just figured out this week that the quarterback sneak is impossible to defend, so I may have a leg up. I will say that during the golden age of Madden for me (Madden NFL 2002 through Madden NFL 10), running back screens and the iconic “Jailbreak Screen” were unstoppable moves, so Sirianni should be able to exploit any defense there.

Sirianni doesn’t call enough runs for his supremely athletic quarterback though. If I had a current generation gaming system and was playing Madden NFL 2022, I would be cooking up runs for Hurts left and right.

Kevin Stefanski and Sean McVay could beat me in Madden, but I think I’d have Sirianni’s number.

@EaglesLiker: Should the Eagles play Crazy Train when the Bucs enter on Thursday? Can Brandon Graham be an honorary captain, and can they show the sack fumble on loop instead of the actual game?

Well, Brandon Graham is an actual captain, so he could be at the coin toss, right? I can’t speak to whether BG has been on the sideline during games or is up in a box or something else entirely due to his injury. The Eagles’ stadium staff would be wise to pan to him on their big screens and get a huge ovation on Thursday night given the quarterback on the other sideline.

I obviously get the “Crazy Train” joke, but if they go for a black out, I just want to hear AC/DC playing the whole time. Give me a two-song playlist with “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)” and “Back in Black.”

@Sticky_Bandit00: Do the Eagles look to move Brandon Brooks before the trade deadline if he’s back, or wait til the off-season?

I will love Brandon Brooks forever, but what value could he possibly have right now? The last time he finished the season as a healthy starter was the Super Bowl. He’s immensely injury prone and aging. That’s a bad combination to have. Why would a contender want someone they can’t even count on being on the field?

I guess they could attempt to trade him in the offseason, but all those points will still be valid then.

Sean Coxe (via email): I just read that Travis Fulgham was cut from the practice squad. What the heck is up with that? He only led the team in receiving yards and had 4 touchdowns last year. (For that matter, he led the entire NFL in yardage for five weeks before disappearing from any game plan.) Is there something about him we don’t know? (Yeah, yeah, he dogs it in practice, but unlike some others (Jalen Reagor), he brings it in the game.) I was kinda looking forward to Smith, Watkins, and Fulgham all being on the field at once. Defend that, NFL! Now Fulgham isn’t even on the team.

If two different coaching staffs were completely out on Travis Fulgham, that tells you everything you need to know. What does the NFL need to defend here? He’s not being blackballed!

@el_CEEZ: Any chance we see Shane Steichen take over play calling duties for Siriani?

Zero percent chance for 2021. Sirianni giving up play-calling duties five games into his first season as a head coach is unfathomable and would illustrate that the team is already folding on this era of Eagles football before it’s even truly begun.

Shane Steichen is actually getting into Mike Groh territory for me.

“What would you say you do here?”

@TylerBoney: Do you think Thursday is a black jersey game?


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