Things we all Know after the Panthers Game

I'm a regular dude. I'm from Philly. Like all of you, i've been a fan my whole life. I have no expertise other than playing 7th grade football (WR, comeback player of the year wooo), but I think i've suffered through enough losses, awesome wins, and emotional experiences that give me a pretty good take on this team.

First off, a wins a win. I never care how it looks. I'd rather win 3 to 2, than lose 38 to 45. Every week looks different. Last week against the Chiefs our offense was actually pretty dynamic, moving the ball with relative ease, despite the horrible penalties. This week... not so much. Last week, the defense showed why Mahomes and Tyreek Hill are amazing.. this week, they showed why the Panthers were frauds at 3-1.

Credit to Jalen Hurts for keeping a cool head. I think this is an intangible and it can't be taught. He doesn't seem to panic, and he can deliver in the clutch. I don't think Wentz had this ability. And to a lesser extent, even McNabb lacked that "clutch" trait. However, Hurts is also pretty raw. He's still missing throws that even Daniel Jones would make. I do believe that a large part of this comes down to the play calling. Because of all of the nonsensical WR screens that never go anywhere, Hurts doesn't get to air it out as much as we'd like, and he doesn't get to use his legs, which are without a doubt, his best trait. I don't know why Sirianni isn't grasping what we all as fans, continuously notice. The play calling sucks. Jalean Reagor needs to stop getting targets. And honestly, I'd be fine with him not being our return man. He was a reach in the first round, and he's hurting the team far more than making plays for it. As we all know, Quez Watkins needs to be more involved. Air it out deep to Devanta once in a while. Run the ball up the middle. Where is Boston Scott?

The defense deserves credit for yesterday. However, it should be taken with a hug grain of salt. Sam Darnold is not a good QB. He's a pick machine. I knew he'd throw at least 2 yesterday before the game started. The Eagles can't all of a sudden think that their defense is "fixed." Fact of the matter is, legitimately good QBs will continue to exploit the defense until more strides are made. All that being said though, Slay's picks were money, and Hargrave is an animal. And Maddox is a 100% an above-average slot corner. He needs to be extended.

Also credit to Jake Elliot. In such a low scoring, ugly offensive game, hitting that 58 yarder right before halftime was huge. He's having a really good year, especially since last year he was terrible.

I really do think the Eagles can with the NFC East. Obviously, it comes down to the Eagles or Cowboys. The Cowboys are awesome on offense... can't deny it. Cowboys can realistically go 14-3. However, if they do cough up a game or two that they are "supposed" to win, then that could be huge for Philly. Because if you look at the Eagles schedule, if everything goes right, they could realistically finish the season 12-5 (losses coming to the Chargers, and either the Cowboys or Bucs). If the eagles can somehow beat the Bucs on Thursday night, then I think that that could propel them into a really good place. Just like in 2017 when Elliot's 61 yarder jumpstarted the Eagles super bowl run, I think that a win against a legitimately good team could propel this eagles team into a playoff contender. But Sirianni needs to wake up.