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Nick Sirianni talks Eagles’ “complete team win” over the Panthers in Week 5

Plus, the head coach explains why he went for two, and talked about some of the offensive struggles and performance.

Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni spoke to reporters following the team’s win over the Panthers Sunday afternoon, and he talked a bit about his reaction to the win, the offensive struggles and overall performance, as well as why he went for two late in the game.

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

Initial reaction to the win

He said it was emotional in the locker room celebrating the win, and it was the definition of a team win.

“Really, what that felt like, was a complete team win. And that’s what it was. When one units down, the other units have to bring it up. The defense felt like it was up the whole game, right, and they really did, the played an unbelievable game. Special teams was down a bit early, but then they come back and make a play. And then the offense was down, and then they gutted it out in the second half on some really meaningful plays.

So, it was really, again, the definition of a team win. It was the definition of what we talk about, a dawg mentality, because the offense — it wasn’t going good for the offense, for a long time of that game, it wasn’t going good. But when they needed to make plays at the end, and it was still tight, they made plays that they needed to make there.

So, I’m really happy for the guys. Every guy in there should be really happy for themselves. Again, just a great team win.”

On the offensive performance

Sirianni went on to talk about the offense taking what the Panthers’ defense was giving them, and admitted that the offense wasn’t in a flow the first half of the game and they were trying some called runs. So coming out of halftime they went to the quarterback read game and got some good plays off of it.

“It really felt like we were in a rut until that one where [Jalen Hurts] pulled it — he had the one where he pulled it around the edge and went up the left side. Well, we had the big play right before that, but that really helped us get going and move the football.”

The head coach mentioned that he needs to go back and watch the film to have a better idea of why they were having trouble running the ball, but he did know that the Panthers had a good game plan and did a good job scheming for the Eagles and giving them some unscouted looks.

“Really happy with our offensive staff, especially the run game guys, with [Jeff Stoutland] and Jason Michael, that kind of were feeding me a couple of really good runs that we needed to get going a little bit in the run game.”

He went on to say that when they had to run the football in the four minute offense, it was really good — minus the stepping out of bounds — but the running of the football was well executed.

On going for two late in the game

Sirianni had a great view of the 2-point pass from Jalen Hurts to DeVonta Smith, and he said he got to see up close how the guy came free on the right side and Hurts was able to find Smith in the endzone. He noted that the defender came for Hurts as clean as they could come, and for the QB to evade that and make the two-point conversion was huge.

“When you’re down three as an offense — it feels different when you’re down one, ‘Hey, let’s go kick a field goal and win this game.’ It does, it feels different. I thought that’s a huge play. Not just in the sense that you go up three, but in a sense of what it feels like as an offensive coach in that scenario, and an offensive player in that scenario, as well.”

Other notables

  • Sirianni talked about how when you lose there are tough conversations in the meetings that follow, but those happen even after wins, including some of the conversations they would have on the flight home on Sunday. He noted that the hard conversations are nothing more than the coaches being honest and upfront about their shortcomings, but it doesn’t mean they get nasty.
  • The head coach also touted the defense’s day with three interceptions and three sacks — although, Sirianni said it felt like more, but importantly they all came on third down. He got excited talking about how the group came together this week leading up to the game, and that’s what the league is about, not every game is going to be your best but you have to come back to work and try again.

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