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Eagles News: NFL insider says Carson Wentz is “very tradable”

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 1/31/21.

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Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Rapoport: Carson Wentz is ‘very tradable’ - 94WIP
“I actually don’t think the contract is that big, which I know sounds probably crazy,” Rapoport told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show. “Now, it was big when he got it, but some if it has been paid already, some of it has been paid up front. Four years, averaging I think 24 or 23 million per year—that’s like the 22nd most expensive starter. It’s literally middle of the road. I would say Matthew Stafford has two years and 43 million left, so he’s a little cheaper but he’ll probably want a new deal. Jared Goff, also tradable, he’s a little more expensive I think than Wentz. But these contracts are all tradable. It would be a dead money hit, but then the Eagles would also save because they wouldn’t have to pay the cash. Carson Wentz is very tradable . Whether they want to or whether they want to fix him and try to make good on their investment, that’s a different story. Someone is going to look at Carson Wentz and say, up until the first half of the Washington game, this was a good quarterback. Something happened and it was all bad and he played terrible. But before then, basically up until half time, everything was fine and someone is going to say, ‘I can recapture that.’”

Could Eagles draft or trade for yet another QB? ‘I would absolutely not take it off the table,’ says Joe Banner - Inquirer
Domo: Let’s add another twist to the Eagles’ quarterback situation. They have the sixth overall pick in the draft. Could you see them spending it on a quarterback? ... JB: I’m not predicting they will and I don’t think they will. But I would absolutely not take it off the table. Listen, here’s what I know for sure. They correctly believe that by a very wide margin, the single most important thing you have to have is a difference-making quarterback. They may think that they’re not sure about Carson and have some hope about Hurts, but they don’t know. If they’re sitting there at No. 6 or they can get to a spot where they have a quarterback that they’re evaluating and saying we think this guy is going to be a star quarterback, I absolutely think they would look at that seriously. By the way, I also think that could be true about some of these guys that are being talked about as potentially being traded. I don’t think they will do anything. But they’re going to do whatever they think they need to to have themselves a top-5 or top-7 quarterback in the NFL. And if they don’t think they have that on their roster, I’m telling you that will still be on their to-do list.

Malcolm Jenkins shared some thoughts on Carson Wentz and the state of the Eagles - BGN
“Well, I think as a teammate and a friend of Carson’s, I think that it always starts with performance. And he hadn’t performed up to, I think, the expectations that everybody’s had for him. And I don’t think he would say he’s played up to his own expectations. But some of the other issues I felt when I was in the locker room was just that there was too much leeway and it didn’t make him a better player. I don’t think they did any favors by trying to kind of protect his ego or trying to, you know, just really protect him as a player as opposed to keeping it — like every other player — keeping it performance-based.”

Babes On Broad #59: From Vanilla Ice Cream to Vanilla Everything - BGN Radio
Jessica Towne and Sam Wilson discuss the damper lingering over the Eagles’ new coaching staff and much more.

Five thoughts on Nick Sirianni’s first press conference as Eagles head coach - PhillyVoice
I know that some folks were annoyed that Sirianni was peppered with a lot of questions about the quarterback position, but again, it’s by far the most important facet of this offseason with this team, by a country mile. The above five questions, all of which were legitimate, and not even repeats of themselves, accounted for about one-third of the questions asked in the press conference, which frankly, is appropriate. Very late in the press conference, Sirianni was asked, “Can you tell us one way or the other whether Carson Wentz will be back with the Eagles next year?” I’ll certainly agree that the blunt nature of that question didn’t seek to draw out any clues on what the team was thinking, and was only going to draw a repeat of Sirianni’s canned answers. That’s a “first question of the presser” question, not a next-to-last one. Nevertheless, Sirianni’s avoidance of all things quarterbacks does reveal some things. While I certainly didn’t anticipate him to say “Carson is my guy,” there was a greater than zero percent chance that he would. The fact that he didn’t perhaps won’t sit well with Wentz, given that Wentz reportedly does not want to be with the team if he’s not the starter.

The Nick Sirianni era: Answering 5 questions from Eagles coach’s unveiling - The Athletic
Kapadia: Sirianni was intentionally vague, but even that is noteworthy. He could’ve said he’s a big Wentz fan and indicated the organization is all about getting Wentz back on track. But Sirianni didn’t do that. He said nice things about Wentz and Hurts, but he also acknowledged he couldn’t guarantee that Wentz would be on the roster until they’ve gone through their evaluations. The truth is you can’t preach competition and then hand the starting quarterback job to a guy who was one of the league’s worst starters in 2020. I still think the most likely scenario is that the Eagles keep Wentz, but early indications are that he’ll have to earn the job. And I’m still not willing to rule out a trade. It all depends on what kind of offers the team gets in the weeks ahead.

Success, trust and burnt ends: Why everyone loves Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid - ESPN
When Eric Bieniemy was a free-agent running back in 1999, he had some relatively lucrative contract offers with other teams. He instead signed a deal for the minimum salary with the Philadelphia Eagles so he could play for their new head coach, an obscure former assistant by the name of Andy Reid. Reid had this way of making Bieniemy, at that point of his career mostly a special-teams player, feel on his free-agent visit that he would be a valued part of what the coach was trying to build. “When I went on that trip and I visited the Philadelphia Eagles, I felt at home,” said Bieniemy, who would play one season for Reid and then return to coach for him years later with the Kansas City Chiefs. “I felt a part of something. I felt a part of the building block that was necessary to help them to start it off. I was a part of a foundation that Coach wanted to lay.” Reid has been making players feel that way for his entire career — from stars like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce to those at the bottom of the roster, as Bieniemy was more than 20 years ago.

LeSean McCoy a non-factor for the Bucs - PFT
The 32-year-old McCoy has had a long and successful career, getting chosen to three Pro Bowls during his time with the Eagles and three more with the Bills. But it became clear that he didn’t have much left last year, when the Chiefs phased him out of their offense and made him a healthy scratch in the Super Bowl. Now he’s poised to play in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs — if he plays at all. No one should be surprised if McCoy goes from two snaps in the divisional round, to one in the NFC Championship Game, to none in the Super Bowl.

Report: Rams Trade Two Future First Round Picks, a 3rd, and QB Jared Goff for Lions QB Matthew Stafford - Stampede Blue
On a ‘built to win now’ Colts roster, Stafford simply made sense as an upgrade to last year’s veteran starter Philip Rivers—given his improvement in arm strength and greater mobility—but there’s no such luck that he’ll be coming to Indianapolis anytime soon. However, the Colts could always trade up for a top rookie quarterback—which will be an exorbitant cost in draft capital as well or potentially wait until maybe another starting caliber veteran upgrade could be available down the road this offseason. Perhaps the New York Jets Sam Darnold becomes available? The Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz? Expected available veteran options right now are Nick Foles, Jameis Winston, Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Mitchell Trubisky, but none of them really push the needle for the Colts (although some of them push it slightly further than others).


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