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NFL insider says Carson Wentz ‘feels a little bit off in his relationship with the entire [Eagles] organization’

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With Nick Sirianni replacing Doug Pederson as the Eagles’ head coach, there’s an assumption that Carson Wentz will definitely be back with Philadelphia in 2021. But is that truly the case?

Former Eagles president Joe Banner recently talked about how he thinks Wentz isn’t necessarily guaranteed to return. NFL insider Mike Garafolo expressed a similar sentiment while talking to the SportsRadio 94WIP Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi on Monday:

“The short answer is no. No, but let’s see,” Garafolo said when asked if Pederson being gone meant Wentz would be back. “I mentioned this when Doug got fired and everyone said that ‘Well, means Carson Wentz is back’…No. There is more to this. This a guy who, I am told, feels a little bit off in his relationship with the entire organization. A lot of people. There are a lot of hurt feelings on his end with how this whole thing was handled. I am not saying he is justified or not justified, I’m just telling you that my understanding is it is more than just the head coach for him. There are still more conversations that need to be had. When I say Sirianni is going to talk to him, don’t forget the front office is going to talk to him and see if they can work through their feelings and work through this whole thing and see if they can get back on the same page.”

Certainly seems like there’s some fence-mending to be done here.

On one hand, I can’t blame Wentz for feeling some kind of way about the Eagles drafting Jalen Hurts. We criticized the Eagles for undermining their franchise quarterback after that pick happened. The organization has undoubtedly failed Wentz in some respects.

On the other hand, Wentz pretty much played like the worst starter at his position in the NFL last year. I can absolutely blame him for lacking commitment to a team that has repeatedly coddled him and given him a $128 million contract extension. Wentz has undoubtedly failed the organization in some respects.

Like, what exactly is Wentz looking for here? Does he want the Eagles to fully commit to him as the starter and trade Hurts? He should be in no position to make those kinds of demands, especially after the abysmal season he just had.

The reports we’ve heard about Wentz — who declined the chance to put his own words out there — since he was benched do NOT paint the picture of a player who was humbled by his demotion. Rather, all indications seem to be that he doesn’t think he was part of the problem, which is frankly pathetic. It shouldn’t take rigorous convincing and concessions to get Wentz on board with remaining in Philly.

Perhaps the Eagles aren’t truly committed to Wentz and they have interest in moving on. Their actions and words thus far indicate otherwise.

But we’ll just have to see what becomes of their quarterback situation.

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