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Eagles coaching rumors: Latest buzz on Duce Staley, Josh McDaniels, and Nick Sirianni

The latest news.

Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Will the Philadelphia Eagles hire a new head coach this week? That much remains to be seen. In the meantime, here’s the latest buzz on their search.


SportsRadio 94WIP’s Howard Eskin had the following to say while speaking with Joe Giglio on Tuesday evening:

“I hear it is most likely going to come down to Josh McDaniels or Duce Staley. The reason that I believe that is what I hear is Howie (Roseman) really likes Josh McDaniels…Jeffrey Lurie not quite at that point and the interview with Duce Staley, from what I was told, really went well. Jeffrey Lurie has also received quite a few text messages from players who are in support of Duce Staley. How much that means, I don’t know, but that will obviously have some input. In Duce’s interview he was very through, had some good ideas for coaches, especially offensive and defensive coordinators, both from the pros and from college. He has got guys from what I understand he has talked to if he gets the job. He is prepared. From what I understand that has impressed Jeffrey Lurie.”

Cool to hear that the Eagles’ assistant head coach/running backs coach has a real shot to land the job. The feeling here is that Staley could be a good leader and overseer. Just needs to hire the right staff around him, including the right play-calling offensive coordinator.

It’ll be interesting to see how much weight Lurie puts into the opinions of his players. In addition to them reportedly texting the owner, a number of current and former Eagles have expressed their “Hire Duce!” sentiment publicly on social media. Those names include Brandon Graham, Rodney McLeod, Malcolm Jenkins, and Torrey Smith.

UPDATE: Jeff McLane says he would be “very surprised” if the Eagles hire Duce.


What Eskin had to say about Roseman liking McDaniels and Lurie being skeptical was previously talked about by Mike Florio on Tuesday morning. Via NBC Sports Philadelphia:

“I also heard yesterday - look, McDaniels ran the show in Denver. Howie Roseman has a major seat at the table in Philly. How do these two co-exist? My understanding is, Roseman is fine with it. It’s just a matter of talking the owner, Jeffrey Lurie, into it.”

Interesting to see that Roseman is OK with McDaniels coming on board since there’s thought the latter would demand some level of personnel control. Certainly more than Doug Pederson had, at the very least.

Also totally understandable why Lurie would be skeptical of McDaniels. Lot of red flags there. Concerns about ego, backing out of the Colts job, cheating in Denver, etc.

It’s a little curious how there was a lot of buzz about McDaniels and then the Eagles started interviewing other candidates today. It doesn't necessarily mean the New England Patriots offensive coordinator is out of the running, though.

NICK SIRIANNI writer and BGN alumnus Mike Kaye shared the following about the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive coordinator, who interviewed with the Eagles earlier today:

So, while Eskin is saying it’s likely between Staley and McDaniels, it might be too earlier to say they’re the definite final two.

On one hand, there’s no reason for the Eagles to be in a dire rush since it’s just them and the Houston Texans left with openings. On the other hand, preferable to get the ball moving since the new coach will have a staff to fill out.

I’m guessing we could see some clarity before the weekend but there’s really no guarantee.

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