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Doug Pederson’s proposed changes to the Eagles’ coaching staff are ... not inspiring!


Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

So, it’s not really hard to see why Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is “not confident about Doug Pederson’s vision going forward” assuming the following report about Philadelphia’s coaching staff is true:

Some thoughts on this matter:

  • Pretty interesting how these specific details are coming to light! It’s almost like the Eagles are leaking this information to get fans on board with Pederson being fired. Cool way to treat the franchise’s only Super Bowl-winning head coach.
  • What the hell, Doug. Talk about an uninspiring plan! More automatic internal promotions? No outside voices? The potential return of Cory Undlin, who didn’t fare well as the Detroit Lions’ defensive coordinator this year?! It’s almost like Doug really IS trying to get fired. Maybe that’s the case?
  • On the other hand, it’s hard to totally blame Pederson for not wanting more coaches forced on him. We saw how badly the “offensive coordinator by committee” went last year. In theory, Pederson should have control of his staff. But it’s also hard to allow him to have that power if he’s not putting forth an encouraging approach.
  • Is Pederson so focused on internal candidates because he’s loyal to a fault and doesn’t have good connections around the league? Or because he knows the Eagles’ situation isn’t attractive and these are the best options he can realistically get? Or both?
  • If the Eagles fire Pederson, who are they going to replace him with that’s going to be able to assemble a great staff? Philly’s head coaching vacancy would arguably be the least attractive opening. The feeling here is the Eagles should either blow this all up and start from scratch (preferable) or run it back with Pederseon and Howie Roseman for one more season before then likely moving on (one last chance).
  • Speaking of Roseman, amazing how Lurie’s main focus seems to be on the coaching staff and not this team’s obvious personnel problems. If Pederson isn’t back, the Eagles will be on their fourth head coach of Roseman’s tenure. Very exciting proposition for the new hire!
  • The Eagles really are a mess right now.
  • I suppose we’ll soon seen if Pederson brings any new ideas to his second meeting with Lurie, which is taking place today.

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