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The official NFL Media Research Department Twitter account aggressively dunked on Doug Pederson


Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp Photo by Yong Kim-Pool/Getty Images

The following exchange between Doug Pederson and a reporter (BGN Radio podcast co-host Jimmy Kempski) caught attention coming out of Wednesday’s press conference.

Q. Carson had great protection all day, he wasn’t sacked. He was only knocked down once, I think. I know you were asked Monday why he’s missing throws and it’s an assortment of reasons, but some of the throws he’s missing are sort of like layups. What could be the reason for some of those easier misses that he’s missing?

DOUG PEDERSON: Have you played quarterback in the National Football League?

Q. I have not, Doug.

DOUG PEDERSON: Okay. They’re not layups. There isn’t a throw out here that’s a layup. Some of it is just timing with young guys. Some of it is just Carson just being not accurate at that particular time. Could be that there is a defensive guy that flashed a hand where he’s got to change his arm angle at the split second. There are all kinds of reasons for accuracy. These are things that we continue to work on and will continue to work on the entire season.

Admittedly, it does get kind of old when Pederson pulls out the appeal to authority card. He’s done this in the past with his “Let me ask you to block 700-pound men sometimes” line from 2018. Or even as recently as last week when I asked him why the Eagles only moved Carson Wentz out of the pocket once in Week 1:

“I’d love to be able to sit down and kind of maybe show you guys game film and study the tape and talk about scheme and all that kind of stuff [...]”

To note, there has never been an actual offer to do as much with Pederson. Of course, it’d have to be virtually in these pandemic times, but this is besides the point.

The point is that Pederson can be a little condescending with his answers. Reporters don’t need to have played in the NFL to know that Wentz is struggling to complete entirely makeable throws.

With that said, I don’t think it’s worth getting super worked up about Pederson’s answer. And yet, for some reason, that’s exactly what the official NFL Media Research Department Twitter account did on Wednesday evening. I grabbed a screenshot of the following tweets that have since been deleted (guessing someone’s in trouble):

Whew. Mighty aggressive there.

But this is how 2020 is going for the Eagles. The team is 0-2, Wentz is playing like one of the worst quarterbacks in the league, the defense is getting gashed, everyone’s getting injured, and the head coach is getting dunked on by an official NFL Twitter account.

What a year.

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