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Believing in an Eagles rebound while also still feeling concerned

BGN Radio Episode 147!

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NFL: SEP 13 Eagles at Washington Football Team Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

One might say that Week 1 didn’t go so well for the Philadelphia Eagles. But was it just one bad game? Or a sign of more struggles to come?

Jimmy Kempski and I talk about that and much more in this week’s BGN Radio podcast episode. You can [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN] or stream our conversation below:

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  • What’s Carson Wentz’s deal, man? Does anyone have the authority to correct him? On a scale of 1-10, what’s your level of concern with the Eagles’ starting quarterback?
  • Why didn’t the coaching staff get Wentz on the move more in Week 1? Trying to make sense of Doug Pederson’s nonsensical answer.
  • Taking the temperature of the team: there’s a lot of bad juju going off the field. Just not a good vibe.
  • You know how we talk about a player being Just A Guy? It sure feels like the post-Super Bowl Eagles are Just A Team.
  • The outlook for this Eagles season hasn’t changed ... and that’s both a good and bad thing.


  • Some good news (?!) on the injury front for a change. Getting Miles Sanders and Lane Johnson back is big.
  • Why did the Eagles sign two guards? Is Nate Herbig going to get benched?
  • The monster that is Aaron Donald and contrasting him with what we’ve been seeing from Fletcher Cox.
  • The one word to perfectly describe Jared Goff.
  • Will Darius Slay follow one of the Rams’ wide receivers?
  • Philadelphia’s edge in the coaching matchup.


  • The upside and downside to the NFC East being trash af again.
  • Records so far — BLG: 1-2, Jimmy 2-1
  • Football Team at Cardinals (-6.5)
  • Giants at Bears (-5.5)
  • Falcons at Cowboys (-4.5)
  • Rams (-1) at Eagles
  • Why the Birds could be poised to bounce back and why that still might not mean everything is fine.

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