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Eagles rooting guide for Week 1 games

Sunday afternoon reference material.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys Paul Moseley/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The first Sunday of the 2020 NFL regular season is here! That means it’s time to run through a Philadelphia Eagles-focused rooting guide for all of the Week 1 games.


PHILADELPHIA EAGLES at WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM: No better way to start the season than with a win over a division rival. Root for the Eagles, silly.


DALLAS COWBOYS at LOS ANGELES RAMS: The Cowboys are the biggest threat to the Eagles repeating as division champions. As an added bonus, the 2021 fifth-round pick that Dallas owes to Philly improves with each Cowboys loss. Root for the Rams.

PITTSBURGH STEELERS at NEW YORK GIANTS: The Joe Judge era deserves to get christened with a loss on Monday Night Football. Root for the Steelers.


GREEN BAY PACKERS at MINNESOTA VIKINGS: The Vikings are less likeable and a bigger threat to the Eagles since Kirk Cousins always gives them trouble. Root for the Packers.

CHICAGO BEARS at DETROIT LIONS: You’ll be rooting for Mitchell Trubisky to struggle in a Bears loss if you want to see Nick Foles take over the starting job. But what’s best for the Eagles is the Bears winning since the Lions have the potential to be the better team with Matthew Stafford. Root for the Bears.

LAS VEGAS RAIDERS at CAROLINA PANTHERS: AFC team over NFC team. Root for the Raiders.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS at ATLANTA FALCONS: Russell Wilson’s Seahawks always give the Eagles trouble. Keeping them away from the playoffs would be ideal. Root for the Falcons.

ARIZONA CARDINALS at SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: I’m bullish on the Cards but the 49ers probably have the higher ceiling in 2020. Root for the Cardinals.

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS at NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: No one should be sad to see the 2020 version of the 2013 Brooklyn Nets start out 0-1 ... but screw the Saints. Root for the Buccaneers.


MIAMI DOLPHINS at NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: There are a number of former Eagles on the Dolphins and it would be fun to finally see the Pats struggle. Root for the Dolphins.

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS at JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: The Jags suck anyway so why not root for Frank Reich? Root for the Colts.

NEW YORK JETS at BUFFALO BILLS: The Bills are getting a little too much hype heading into this season. A reality check could be nice to see. Root for the Jets.

CLEVELAND BROWNS at BALTIMORE RAVENS: Would be funny to see the Ravens lose to the Browns. Root for the Browns.

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS at CINCINNATI BENGALS: The Eagles host the Bengals in Week 3. It’d be good to see them not looking so good. Root for the Chargers.

TENNESSEE TITANS at DENVER BRONCOS: It’d be ideal to see Ryan Tannehill cool off after his hot stretch last year. Root for the Broncos.

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