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Eagles finally reveal jersey numbers for 2020 undrafed rookie free agent signings

Very important information.

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The Philadelphia Eagles revealed jersey numbers for their 2020 NFL Draft picks back in mid-May but they didn’t offer any information on their undrafted rookie free agents. Nearly three months later, the Eagles have finally given us what we’ve all been waiting for. Here’s an entire overview, followed by some very important jersey number thoughts.


WR Manasseh Bailey - 3

DB Grayland Arnold - 33

RB Mike Warren - 38

DB Prince Smith - 41

DB Michael Jacquet - 46

RB Adrian Killins Jr. - 46

DB Elijah Riley - 48

LB Dante Olson - 59

OG Julian Good-Jones - 61

DT Raequan Williams - 61

C Luke Juriga - 74

TE Noah Togiai - 85


DE Matt Leo - 64

IMPORTANT #JerseyNumberAnalytics

  • Learn more about the Eagles’ UDFAs by using these links:
  • A single-digit jersey number is typically never a great sign for a receiver. They’re not even allowed to wear those numbers once the regular season starts. Bailey also received the third lowest amount of guaranteed money out of the Eagles’ 12 UDFAs. The odds are stacked against him.
  • 33 is a solid get for Arnold, who might actually be able to sneak on to the roster. The number doesn’t have a lot of great recent history — unless you’re still a huge Josh Adams fan — but it’s just a good look. Suitable for a corner/safety hybrid like Arnold.
  • Tough break for Warren as 38 isn’t a good running back number. It’s suddenly more acceptable if he shifts to fullback.
  • 41 is the number that Ronald Darby wore during the Eagles’ Super Bowl season. For some reason I still think of former training camp body Mitchell White wearing it as well. Smith could end up following in the latter’s footsteps.
  • The Eagles hadn’t give out 46 since Jon Dorenbos was traded in 2017 until Rudy Ford was briefly assigned the number last summer. The number had gone vacant again until now with both Jacquet and Killins sharing it. Can’t say it’s a great look for either but I don’t mind seeing smaller running backs getting listed in the 40s. It worked for Darren Sproles, at least.
  • Josh Hawkins was the last Eagles player to wear 48. You might remember him as the guy the Eagles were forced to have cover Michael Thomas in their 2019 Divisonal round playoff game against the New Orleans Saints. Wes Hopkins is obviously the most famous 48 in Eagles history. Riley faces an uphill battle in trying to restore modern honor to that number.
  • 59 is a pretty good get for Olson. It’s the number that DeMeco Ryans used to wear.
  • 61 for JGJ is pretty fine. Previously worn by Stefen Wisniewski.
  • 61 for Williams is bad. Just not a good defensive line number. Williams is a good bet to make the practice squad and he’ll be able to change it if/when that’s the case.
  • Juriga has guard experience but he’s officially being listed at center. He should’ve went with 61 instead of 74. The former is more of an interior o-line number where 74 is more of a tackle/guard look.
  • 85 makes me think of a tight end with good blocking ability like the last two people to wear it: James Casey and Alex Ellis. Togiai is not known for his blocking ... at all.
  • Leo getting 64 is appropriate for a guy who doesn’t even count towards the roster limit.
  • Now that the Eagles have FINALLY revealed jersey numbers for their entire 80-man roster, Benjamin Solak and I will at long last be able to record our annual #JerseyNumberAnalytics podcast that everyone loves so much. Subscribe to BGN Radio so you don’t miss it!

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