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DeSean Jackson is getting the best of Darius Slay early on in Eagles training camp

Or at least he was for two practice reps.

NFL: AUG 04 Eagles Training Camp Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

DeSean Jackson: he’s still pretty good at football.

That’s my takeaway after watching these Philadelphia Eagles training camp practice clips posted on Twitter by former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson.

That’s certainly no scrub he’s roasting, either. That’s Darius Slay. A three-time Pro Bowler and one-time first-team All-Pro selection.

Now, do these clips definitively prove that the Slay trade was a big mistake for the Eagles?

Yes, they do. End of article.

Just kidding, obviously. I’d be much more concerned about the pass rush in those videos. They don’t get to Carson Wentz at all. (To be clear: this is a joke because there is no actual pass rush. They do say the best humor is the kind you have to explain like this.)

Seriously, though, it’s encouraging to see Jackson in top form coming off his core muscle injury. The 33-year-old is by-far the Eagles’ most established wide receiver heading into 2020 and he had a great connection with Carson Wentz last summer. It’d be nice to see those two finally flourish together after only really getting four regular season quarters with each other in 2019.

Getting back to Slay, he clearly felt the need to push back on people getting on him for losing these reps. Slay chalked it up to being rusty.

I have little doubt that Slay is going to win some reps against Jackson as well. It’s entirely possible he did and they just weren’t posted like Jackson’s wins were.

We’ll get to see more of the Jackson versus Slay matchup when padded Eagles training camp practices begin this coming Monday, August 17. That’s the first time media will be allowed to watch the Eagles on the field this year.

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