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Vinny Curry opens up about how the loss of his brother from COVID-19 affected his free agency

The Eagles brought back Vinny Curry this offseason, but the defensive end had a rough time entering free agency after the loss of his half-brother. Curry spoke to the media on Thursday about his decision to return, the team’s COVID protocols, and his thoughts on DL coach Matt Burke.

Here’s what he had to say:

In re-signing with the Eagles

Curry was honest about how grieving the loss of his half-brother, Gerald Glisson, from COVID-19 affected him making a free agency decision. He noted that he had several options to sign with teams early on, but he wanted to take his time with it.

Gerald was a principal and athletic director, and he did a lot within his community, and he contracted COVID-19 during some of his volunteer work. Gerald was a big, 6-foot-5, 300-pound guy, and it went from an upper respiratory infection to worst-case scenario real fast.

Curry said that every team that was interested in signing him was very understanding of the circumstances and didn’t force his decision.

“As far as the Eagles, I was drafted here. I have a personal relationship, besides football, with some of the guys I look at as family or look up to.”

He later said that the risk of getting COVID was also part of the reason he signed so late. But once the team got their protocols in place for training camp and to make the facility as safe as possible, Curry made the decision to go ahead and return.

Furthermore, Curry said that everything the Eagles have done to keep them safe is phenomenal — they’re tested every single day, the way they spaced out the locker room and even the showers, the whole layout is comfortable.

He also wanted to show appreciation for his teammates, who, throughout the whole process and offseason, he spoke with them every other day.

Other notables

  • Curry said that his biggest advice for young guys is to stay patient, and always be willing to learn. He emphasized that, “patience is key”.
  • The first week in-person with Matt Burke as the DL coach has been “awesome” and Curry noted that Burke has demanded a lot from the group. Burke’s messaging has been “awesome” and he’s doing a great job.

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