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Jason Kelce talks Carson Wentz’s dad bod, Miles Sanders hype, and more

Plus, the Eagles’ center talks playing next to Jason Peters.

We haven’t heard from Jason Kelce since early on in the offseason, but the Eagles’ veteran spoke to the media on Tuesday and gave some insight into a few of his teammates, including Andre Dillard, Jason Peters, and Isaac Seumalo.

The veteran also talked about how the young guys bring a new energy into the building and help keep him motivated to continue to improve. Kelce did say, however, that the COVID precautions — which he understands and supports — sort of hinder making those personal connections as they try to stay socially distant. He said the whole team is taking this seriously, and the Eagles have done a great job giving them a safe environment.

Here’s what he had to say about some of his teammates:

On teammates adding bulk

Miles Sanders

Kelce said he hasn’t noticed much added weight with running back Miles Sanders, but was recently commenting on how “blazing fast” the second-year star is and how fluid he’s running routes.

“It was just kind of mind blowing to watch, even in something as small as a walk-through.”

So, if Sanders has gained muscle, it hasn’t affected his explosiveness.

Carson Wentz

Kelce said Carson Wentz’s weight gain is more obvious — joked about being his dad weight — but that it was something the QB put a lot of work into this offseason.

Andre Dillard

“And, Andre [Dillard] has worked his tail off. Obviously, he’s getting an opportunity here to be a starting left tackle. He’s put on a good amount of weight. His weight room numbers have been impressive. He’s got a lot of physical attributes that, I think, you really like to see in an offensive lineman.

I think that, as far as an offseason goes, I think that he took advantage of an offseason. Especially, an offseason like this, as much as one could.

Now, it’s just getting out there and getting the technique things honed in. That’s really where he needs to take the next step. If he can improve the technique, the hand usage, the ability to change up the set lines and all that, man that kid has a lot of good attributes.”

On Jason Peters’ return

“It’s been awesome to work with Jason Peters. He’s got so much knowledge from playing the game for so long, and the ability now to try and take all of that knowledge that he’s had at left tackle and apply it to a new position. He’s not starting from ground zero. He’s not starting from a lack of reference. He understands the game, he understands angles, he understands footwork.”

Kelce said that it’s been great being able to bounce ideas off Peters and ask him questions, and he’s brought up ways that they could do things better or differently.

On Isaac Seumalo

“He’s always been a very versatile player. He’s played tackle, guard, center, tight end in some of these big packages for us. He’s played all over, and he’s got very limited amount of time, up until last year, of just working at one position. And you saw him take that, especially throughout the season, and become even better and hone in on those little details that really take his game to the next level.

He’s got the full gambit. He’s smart. He’s very, very intelligent and understands the game extremely well. Physically, he’s strong, he’s athletic, he’s quick, he’s big — 320 [pounds]-plus. He’s got pretty much every attribute you want, and I’m really, really happy for the way he’s progressed, and the player he has been for us.

I’m excited to continue to watch his career, and for everybody else to finally take notice of the player that he is.”

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