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Eagles News: Stephen Jackson claims DeSean Jackson was threatened to be cut

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/9/20.

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Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Stephen Jackson says the Eagles ‘threatened to fire’ DeSean Jackson after Instagram posts - NBCSP
In one of many statements Wednesday defending the 33-year-old wide receiver, Stephen Jackson claimed that DeSean Jackson called him and said the Eagles threatened to cut him: “I didn’t support the post, as far as Hitler and him supporting Hitler. I don’t know support Hitler, I don’t know nothing about Hitler, and I could give a f**k about Hitler. All I know is he was a cruel guy. I don’t stand for that, and I don’t support it. My whole reason for supporting D-Jack was, before I got on Instagram, he called me on the phone and told me that they was threatening to fire him, but they didn’t do that to [Riley] Cooper. And I was like, ‘You’re right, you shouldn’t have to apologize if they didn’t make him apologize.”

Ranking the Eagles’ 10 most hated NFC East enemies - BGN
Man, the 1980s and ‘90s truly were the glory days for the NFC East. Think about the incredible rivalries that existed during that time. The Dallas Cowboys truly were “America’s Team,” a franchise that always seemed to be in the Super Bowl hunt, until Buddy Ryan’s Eagles came along and knocked Tom Landry into retirement. But then Jimmy Johnson turned the team around and led them to a couple Super Bowls in a row. Bill Parcells was roaming the sidelines for the New York Giants and winning a couple of Super Bowls along the way, as did Washington, with Joe Gibbs at the head of one of marquee franchises in the NFL.

Eagles’ Marquise Goodwin says ‘the Jewish community is lashing out at me’ over BLM comment on DeSean Jackson’s anti-semitic IG post - PhillyVoice
If Goodwin’s intent truly is to bring people together rather than dividing, listening to the people upset by Jackson’s actions is a good place to start. However, it also appears that Goodwin, at least initially, didn’t understand why Jackson’s post was anti-semitic in the first place, as he commented on another user’s Instagram page that he would like an explanation as to why his posts — and former NBA player Stephen Jackson’s comments in support of DeSean, in which he said the Eagles wideout was “speaking the truth” — were offensive in the first place.

WATCH: I’m Jewish. I cover the Eagles. Here’s what I think about DeSean Jackson | Opinion -
The Eagles have known Jackson for more than a decade. If they believe his posts were indicative of his ideology and character, they should cut bait with him. If they think he is simply ignorant, they should educate him and his teammates on the true harm and hurt he has caused.

Zach Banner after DeSean Jackson remarks: “Let’s all uplift each other” - PFT
“This beautiful city of Pittsburgh, . . . and we need to understand Jewish people deal with the same amount of hate and similar hardships and hard times,” Banner said in the video, via Brooke Pryor of “I’m not trying to get emotional right now, but I want to preach to the black and brown community that we need to uplift them and put our arms around them. Just as much when we talk about Black Lives Matter and elevating ourselves, we can’t do that while stepping on the back of other people to elevate ourselves, and that’s very, very important to me, and it should be important to everyone. . . .

Prince Tega Wanogho’s journey from Nigeria to 2020 NFL Draft -
Watch Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Prince Tega Wanogho’s journey from Nigeria to the 2020 NFL Draft.

Raheem Mostert has requested a trade - Niners Nation
Mostert’s contract has two years left with zero guaranteed money. He has a base salary of $2.5 million in 2020. If I’m a running back, the last thing I’m doing is requesting a trade away from Shanahan’s offense. This is a business, and players have every right to want to be paid what they believe their value is. At the time Mostert signed his contract, it was a good deal. Things changed for Mostert on the field as he went on to be one of the best running backs during the second half of the NFL. I’m not sure what the market would be for Mostert, who is 28, and if the 49ers would be willing to give him up for next to nothing.

CeeDee Lamb is literally one of the greatest wide receivers in college football history - Blogging The Boys
The Dallas Cowboys drafted CeeDee Lamb. It literally never gets old. Yes it’s true that Dak Prescott will have CeeDee Lamb in addition to Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup to the team’s offense (whether he is doing so on a long-term contract or the franchise tag remains to be seen) and that is a very exciting thing. We all obviously want to see the Cowboys do well. In case you were unaware, CeeDee has often been referred to as a “YAC gawd” and if you are still unaware, that means that he is insanely good after the catch. That was sort of his calling card while at the University of Oklahoma. The Cowboys seem to have added a player that knows a thing or two about what to do once the football gets into his hands. He is literally one of the best to have done so at the collegiate level.

What will Washington’s next name be? - Hogs Haven
Redtails — Another “R” name, with all the benefits listed above, this name is a reference to an appellation for the famed World War II African American aviation corps also known as the “Tuskegee Airmen.” They included the first Black flying squadron, and many of these pilots were involved in flying fighter escorts with bomber missions in the late stages of World War II over Europe, accruing impressive service records during that period. After the war, many of the Tuskegee airmen played an important role in civilian aviation as well as in the newly created Air Force. Their connection to the DC area is somewhat tenuous - though several of the pilots were from the region - but it’s a feel good story that perhaps allows the franchise to make amends for some of its historical wrongs against the African American community under George Preston Marshall and help keeps alive an important piece of history, which seems to be a growing desire of much of the populous.

NFL’s 35% escrow account bid likely a nonstarter, but player pay has to adjust - The Athletic
The NFL certainly has none of these concerns. First, even if the players dismiss the escrow idea, as seems likely, the 2020 losses (if any) would hardly be on the order of MLB’s. And if the football owners and players can’t agree on a process to prevent gyrations in the cap, then there will simply be a few years of wild up-and-down swings of the cap. And finally, unlike MLB, the NFL has labor security: The CBA runs through the 2030 season. The NFL currently plans for its season to be played as scheduled, though whether fans can attend, and in what numbers, will come down to local and national health guidelines. The league hopes to recover some revenues with added sponsorships, including on tarps covering the first rows of seats.

Just 4 states meet these basic criteria to reopen and stay safe - Vox
All 50 states have moved to reopen their economies, at least partially, after shutting down businesses and gatherings in response to the coronavirus pandemic. But a Vox analysis suggests that most states haven’t made the preparations needed to contain future waves of the pandemic — putting themselves at risk for a rise in Covid-19 cases and deaths should they continue to reopen, which some states have already seen. Experts told me states need three things to be ready to reopen. State leaders, from the governor to the legislature to health departments, need to ensure the SARS-CoV-2 virus is no longer spreading unabated. They need the testing capacity to track and isolate the sick and their contacts. And they need the hospital capacity to handle a potential surge in Covid-19 cases.


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