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From the Bleachers: The history of the Eagles rivalries

A podcast deep dive!

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

My entire bit feels based around hating the teams around the NFC East just as much as I love the Eagles. Coming off the heels of SB Nation’s Rivalry Week, it felt like an apt time to return to the From the Bleachers podcast and discuss the history of the Birds’ rivalries with the Cowboys, Giants and Washington.

With some indispensable info from the fine folks at pro-football-reference, I took a look at the ebbs and flows of the Eagles’ success against these other three franchises, noting when the Birds were triumphant (absolutely owning the Giants in the 21st century) to when they were embarrassingly incompetent (squaring off with the Tom Landry-era Dallas squads).

Starting off with the Giants and Washington (after calling for the need for WASTEAM to change their name), I obviously finished off talking about Dallas. What else would you expect? With a deep dive on the 1987 NFL Strike and the way this specific rivalry has reached another gear during the Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott years, my juices were absolutely pumping during the pod. I was also on my third cup of coffee when I recorded it. Give it a listen!

Given some time off, I wanted to also mention that the Eagles’ Quarantine Watch Parties will be starting back up this Friday. I’ll have a poll article out later this week. I have a bunch of suggestions left over from this past, but if you have any new ones and can find a non-copyright stream on YouTube, shoot me an email!

Go Birds!

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