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Identity crisis: Who are Eagles fans without football?

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Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

I’ve come to define myself by my love of the Eagles. It’s part of my daily routine: scrolling through Twitter, reading this website and listening to a wide array of podcasts (BGN Radio is by far the best, obviously). And that’s just in the middle of the offseason. When it comes to the regular season? It feels as if every single one of my actions revolves around me preparing myself for Sunday (or Monday or Thursday).

With more and more players opting out of the upcoming 2020 NFL season, with the hiccups that Major League Baseball’s return to play that are already on display and the simple fact that our country is handling the entire COVID-19 pandemic poorly, I’m more pessimistic by the minute that we’re not going to get football this season.

Without football, who am I? It’s an identity crisis.

I’ve never had a fall and winter without Eagles football. That’s my constant. It’s what I’d keep in my pocket if I was in the film Inception. I’ve always fallen back on watching some Big Ten or SEC football on Saturday afternoons and the NFL’s biggest stars on Sunday Night Football. Even though it’s a more recent development, watching a quarter and a half of Thursday Night Football and turning it off because the game is so bad and then throwing on some reruns of Seinfeld feels like a pastime of its own.

On the latest episode of the From the Bleachers podcast, I try to separate my sense of self from my Eagles fandom, wondering who I am and what my falls would be like without the Birds. It’s scary, weird and hasn’t hit me fully yet. The only thing more depressing than an Eagles loss is no Eagles football at all.

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