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K’Von Wallace talks brotherhood of Eagles’ rookies

Plus, the safety has been working hard to keep his body right for the upcoming season.

The Eagles continue to have the rookie class speak to the media as they get on the field for their first training camp practices. On Wednesday, safety K’Von Wallace spoke about the virtual offseason and taking the COVID precautions seriously.

Here’s what Wallace had to say:

On the virtual offseason and staying healthy

Before he got to the facility, Wallace said that he was spending time taking care of his body, hydrating, being consistent with his sleep schedule, and really locking into the playbook. He even mentioned that his friends and family knew when to contact him so he could do all the little things to stay focused and keep his head on straight.

After the draft, without the pandemic, he would’ve been headed to Philly for rookie minicamp, but instead, three days afterward he went to Clemson to train.

The safety was asked what the messaging from Coach Pederson and the team was about staying healthy. He talked about the importance of wearing a mask, keeping hand sanitizer on you, and making your own bubble. The whole organization, including the players, are taking things very seriously. For him personally, he said the most important thing in the league is being available, and that includes not being sick, so he’s taking everything very seriously.

Wallace was asked how the rookie class is trying to make up for lost time earlier in the offseason. He noted that the rookies meet every single day virtually, even without the coaches, to make sure they have everything on point. He emphasized that they’re like brothers already and meet daily to go over plays from the prior day or over formations. Being consistent and intentional with what and how they learn is how they’ve tried to make the most of the time they had this offseason without the traditional in-person OTAs.

Other notables

  • The coaches are just trying to get Wallace acclimated with the entire defense, rather than working him in one specific role.
  • Wallace talked a bit about his social media presence and why it was so important to him in being able to communicate and stay connected with the community and his family. He explained that the fans and social media is his second-biggest form of motivation — behind his family — and he takes it very seriously.
  • The rookie said that “it was awesome” to see the new Kobe Bryant mural — which is right by the weight room. The rookie said that seeing that everyday gives him additional motivation. Additionally, he said that Bryant was not just about working hard but also helping those around you, and that’s something Wallace applies to his game.

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