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Eagles have Jalen Reagor learning multiple wide receiver positions

Plus, the rookie talks virtual offseason with his teammates.

The Eagles’ 2020 first-round draft pick, wide receiver Jalen Reagor, spoke to the media for the first time from training camp on Tuesday. He talked about the virtual offseason, where the coaches are having him focus within the playbook, and his developing relationship with his teammates.

Here’s what the rookie had to say:

On his role in the offense

Reagor noted that the coaches have emphasized for him to learn the X and Z receiver positions. Interesting because Doug Pederson previously said he was only set to learn Z behind DeSean Jackson. It sounds like Reagor could be in the mix to start at Alshon Jeffery’s X role.

The rookie prides himself on being adaptable and he wants to know as much of the playbook as he can so they can move him around as needed. Reagor said that he doesn’t control the practice reps, but he is going to take advantage of every opportunity he’s given.

On the virtual offseason

Reagor said he learned a lot during the virtual offseason and adapts quickly in unique environments, but had to stay focused.

“I don’t look at is as something that’s difficult, I look at is as a challenge.”

Now that they are on-site for the first time this offseason, the WR said that the organization is full throttle and are not holding onto any excuses from their limitations during OTAs. They’re putting in work in the meeting rooms before and after practice and are doing everything to be in the best position to win.

Reagor said that he’s in playing shape right now but can only get better now that they’re at the facility. He did train in his hometown earlier in the spring.

On his teammates

Reagor spoke with DeSean Jackson just days after the draft and the veteran said to go into training camp like a man on a mission. He noted that there’s a reason the organization drafted him and he doesn’t have to wait for success and should take his opportunities right away.

The WR also said it was great when he finally met Carson Wentz in person and they went over the playbook and signals, and tried to gel in the short amount of time they had together this offseason. Now that they’re together in the facility, Reagor is excited that they can work together and he can figure out Wentz’s personality and mannerisms.

He also talked about communicating with the other Eagles receiver draft picks — Quez Watkins and John Hightower. Reagor said that it’s like they’ve been teammates for years, and they FaceTime each other often and do walk-throughs, and are gelling well. They all want to help each other and he wants to see those guys succeed.

With Watkins specifically, they went over signals and routes when they would get together this offseason, and now that they’re on site, they can focus on specific positions.

Additionally, Reagor said he’s been communicating with Jalen Hurts even before they were drafted to the same team. They’re just four lockers away from each other and are brothers.

Other notables

  • Reagor didn’t have any thoughts about opting out of the 2020 season due to the pandemic, but wishes Marquise Goodwin and his family the best.
  • Reagor admitted concentration drops were an issue in college and that’s something he’s working on.
  • His father (Montae Reagor) played in the NFL and Reagor said he’s been preparing the WR for a career in football since he was little. He also helped a lot throughout the pre-draft meetings and interviews, and has been a great mentor to the rookie.
  • The WR has seen the Eagles facility but hasn’t toured Philadelphia yet. Reagor said he plans to be with the organization for the rest of his career so he has plenty of time to see the city.
  • As far as his daily camp schedule, they lift in the morning, have lunch and meetings, then practice, followed by dinner and more meetings before calling it a night around 8:30 pm.

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