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Doug Pederson has a hidden talent

Crusher Doug!

MLB: APR 05 Marlins at Phillies Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Before there was “Doug Pederson: Super Bowl winning head coach” there was “Doug Pederson: Eagles softball game star.”

In honor of the Philadelphia Phillies’ 2020 season starting up tonight, the Eagles shared an old video highlighting Pederson’s skills as both a batter and pitcher. Watch Crusher Doug (supposedly, at least) crush some home runs and force some outs:

Top notch production value there by inserting the radio calls from Merrill Reese and Mike Quick. Well done.

Pederson wasn’t even working on the Andy Reid’s coaching staff in 2008; he was first hired as an Eagles offensive quality control coordinator in 2009. But that didn’t stop Jeffrey Lurie from looking pretty smitten with him at one point during the softball game — peep this glance around the 0:32 mark:

Clearly, Lurie knew this guy would be the one to lead his team to their first Vince Lombardi Trophy 10 years later.

Seriously, though, it’s fun when the Eagles put out videos like these. Always enjoy getting to see Doug’s goofy dad personality.

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