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The Washington Football Team is now unironically referring to themselves as just that

The organization formerly known as the “Washington Redskins” is now — temporarily, at least — officially adopting the moniker people often used to avoid saying their old racist name. That’s right, they’re actually going by the “Washington Football Team” now.


I mean, if they were truly striving for accuracy, they would go with “Landover, Maryland team” since that’s where FedEx Field is actually located.

Washington owner Daniel Snyder once said his franchise was “NEVER” going to change their old team. The exact quote: “We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.” (Whoops.)

Of course, that was before Snyder faced financial pressure from sponsors to make the change. Snyder reached a choice where he didn’t really have a choice.

It’s obviously good to see that the team name is changing. It’s sad it took this long and was really only motivated by money.

It’s also funny — but hardly shocking — that Washington was so unprepared for this outcome that they couldn’t timely pivot to a new name and instead have to go by “Washington Football Team” for now.

Like, just contrast the Seattle Kraken — the NHL’s new expansion team — unveiling a cool new design just minutes before Washington had to announce they’re (begrudgingly) doing away with their old offensive team name and logo. Kind of an embarrassing look!

Anyway, the Philadelphia Eagles are currently scheduled to open their 2020 season against the Washington Football Team on Sunday, September 13. That is, assuming Week 1 starts on time.

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