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Eagles Question of the Day: Who is your favorite player that you hated until they retired?

NFL: JAN 01 Cowboys at Eagles Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There are a million reasons to dislike certain NFL players, whether it’s because they played for a division rival, or because their personality just irks you. I, for one, have a long list of players that I enjoy watching Brandon Graham pound into the dirt, and others I roll my eyes every time I see their name in a headline.

BUT, sometimes — albeit rarely — those players I spent years talking shit about, end up on my, “Oh, they don’t bother me”-list after retirement.

The biggest jump from hate to love is Tony Romo. For 14 years I hated on the guy, made fun of Cowboys fans for putting their faith in the quarterback who never won an NFC Championship or Super Bowl, and even was annoyed when his personal life ended up in the blogs. After he retired and headed to the booth, I loathed the thought of having to listen to him every week during games — and then was irritated when Romo actually did a standout job as the lead color analyst for CBS.

It only took a few games for that irritation to subside and I actually began looking forward to what he had to say. It was a weird adjustment to allow myself to enjoy watching and listening to the longtime Dallas quarterback, but his talent was undeniable — especially when compared to Jason Witten when he tried to follow suit and was a DISASTER.

Who is your favorite player that you hated until they retired?

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