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Eagles News: Philadelphia’s most fascinating rookie

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/19/20.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Davion Taylor Update - Iggles Blitz
The most fascinating rookie for me is LB Davion Taylor. He went a bit earlier than some expected. I actually had him going about where the Eagles took him. Taylor does not have a traditional background. Because of his family’s religion, he didn’t play high school football. He went to a junior college and played. He then went to Colorado and became a star. Well actually, the Star LB. That’s a role where the LB plays in the slot and out in space. He is as raw as Les Bowen is old. Too harsh? Taylor is an explosive athlete and he is a physical player. This isn’t a track guy who just runs around at 100 mph and gets lucky. While he doesn’t have an extensive football background, his play shows you he is either a quick learner or he’s instinctive. Both traits help his NFL chances. Fran Duffy did another one of his excellent Film Room pieces.

Eagles’ Davion Taylor compares himself to pair of standout NFC South linebackers | Q&A with rookie draft pick -
Is there a player you grew up emulating at the linebacker position? ... “To be honest, no there is not, because I didn’t grow up watching football. I didn’t start liking football until junior high, and even then, I wasn’t really watching the game. I didn’t start watching it until college, and then when I did, there were certain linebackers that I would compare myself to, like (2017 Pro Bowl linebacker) Deion Jones from the Falcons, and I also like (2019 first-team All-Pro) Demario Davis from the Saints. But those are just two linebackers that I did look up to while I was in college. I think we definitely compare, especially when it comes to Deion Jones from Atlanta, because we are both versatile players who can cover tight ends and running backs, and we can both stop the run. With Demario Davis, he’s such an aggressive player, and I feel like I’m very aggressive on the field, and when I make it to Philly, I just want to be even more aggressive and ultimately become better than both of them.”

Eagles’ cornerback outlook is more promising than it’s been in some time - BGN
When the Eagles traded for Slay earlier year, they acquired the best cornerback they’ve rostered since ... Asante Samuel? It’s been too long since Philly has had a true No. 1 CB. Slay could finally be that lockdown defender the Eagles have been searching for. The contract extension the Eagles awarded to Slay makes him the NFL’s highest paid corner on an annual basis ($16.7 million per year). A recent polling of NFL executives has Slay ranked as the league’s fourth best player at his position only behind Stephon Gilmore, Jalen Ramsey, and Tre’Davious White. Slay’s standout coverage skills have earned him a Pro Bowl reputation in each of the past three years. He’s also just a few seasons removed from a first-team All-Pro effort in 2017 when he had eight interceptions paired with 26 passes defensed. Slay probably isn’t going to duplicate those strong results but he still figures to be very critical playmaker in the Eagles’ secondary. It’s no secret that Jim Schwartz’s defense has been shredded by No. 1 wide receivers in recent years. Just look back at these numbers from 2019.

Eye On the Enemy #25: Scandal In Washington + Blogging the Boys On Dak - BGN Radio
John Stolnis is joined by RJ Ochoa from Blogging the Boys to discuss how Dallas’ failure to sign Dak to an extension impacts their outlook PLUS thoughts from Stolnis on the Washington Post story about the Washington TBDs! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Don’t expect to see the NFL you’re used to - NBCSP
If there are training camp practices, we don’t know yet exactly what form they’ll take and what restrictions if any will be placed on the players in terms of contact drills. Everybody is basically going to be going into the season — if there is a season — with just a fraction of their usual practice time and at best half their actual preseason playing time. And it would be naive to think that won’t affect the product on the field. You can’t just pad up 22 football players and put them on a field together six weeks after they first meet and expect them to play at a high level. And with the NFL — unlike MLB, the NHL and NBA — electing not to use a bubble, there will be positive tests.

Donovan McNabb’s EPIC 5 TD game | Eagles highlights -
Take a look back at the Eagles’ dominant victory over the Green Bay Packers back in 2004!

Report: Mychal Kendricks cleared medically after torn ACL - PFT
While Kendricks has been cleared medically, he still has a legal issue hanging over his head. His sentencing for a guilty plea on insider trading charges was delayed in March and any potential suitors would likely want to know that he’ll be available for the coming season.

Don’t Dismiss the Washington Football Report as Just Another Problem With the Franchise - The Ringer
On Thursday, The Washington Post detailed the accounts of 17 women who say they were sexually harassed and verbally abused by senior members of the Washington organization. As the story’s aftermath showed, this is not a unique issue.

Your Questions on Prescott and the Cowboys - Over The Cap
Dallas’ roster is basically in the middle of a two year window. In 2022 they can, if things go bad, begin the process of ripping apart a pretty expensive football team. Maybe they have judged that they don’t believe that Prescott is the type of QB that can succeed without the talent pool around him. Tag to tag may be the most cost effective short and long term option for Dallas and they did not want to get tied down unless it was on a bargain contract. Dallas does get a bad rep for contract management which really isn’t warranted and this may be a case where they decided to be cautious because of the costs involved.

NFL training camps will be covered a lot differently in 2020, and the fans will not like it - Blogging The Boys
In other words, no live coverage. At all. The NFL has basically eliminated the social media age and taken us back a few decades, where all we will have are written recaps sometime after the practice concludes. The trickle is in fact a slow drip. And the censoring of anything overheard takes all the color out of the coverage, reducing us to reading reconstructed notes taken by reporters for whom note taking has probably become a lost art.

The plan to start the 2020 NFL season: What we know and what we don’t know - ESPN
1. The biggest unanswered question is how the NFL and NFLPA will deal with the strong likelihood of reduced 2020 revenues. There have been some discussions — the NFLPA considered a proposal to put 35% of salaries in escrow a nonstarter — but nothing close to an agreement. The NFL’s salary cap is designed to spread the gains and losses among owners and players by an agreed-upon ratio, but that would lead to a big drop in cap figures for 2021. The players’ union favors a plan that would spread the revenue hit out over several years, keeping the salary cap flat or increasing it only slightly until revenues are caught up. The owners prefer to take the hit in the short term and then quickly return to the annual rate of cap growth the league has seen over the past decade. The union’s concern is the short-term impact a significant reduction would have not only on player salaries but also on players’ health benefits, which are calculated as part of the player costs under the salary cap. The sides are well aware of, and hope to avoid, the spectacle that MLB made of its economic negotiations.

Why more young people are getting sick in the latest Covid-19 outbreaks - Vox
At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in the US, most Covid-19 cases seemed to be in older folks, who were getting very sick — an artifact of who was getting tested at the time. But now, especially in states where Covid-19 cases have been rising in June and July, the median age has been dropping. “We are seeing it in a much younger group, of 20- to 40-year-olds,” compared to the earlier stage of the pandemic, says Thomas Tsai, a health policy expert and surgeon at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In Florida, where the coronavirus has infected more than 311,000 residents, the median age of positive cases in March was 65. As of July 17, the median age of new cases from the previous 14 days was 39.5.


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