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Eagles Question of the Day: Which NFC East running back would you trade for?

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There are quite a few options.

Philadelphia Eages v New York Giants Photo by Benjamin Solomon/Getty Images

Players don’t stay with teams forever, but inter-division trades aren’t the standard in the NFL... which is a shame, because there are some amazing running backs in the NFC East that I typically hate on Sundays, but envy just a little bit.

Trades and signings within a division don’t happen all that often, and when they do, they typically have a bit of a bad break-up vibe — think Donovan McNabb and DeSean Jackson to Washington. Sure, sometimes it’s purely a business decision, but going to your former team’s division rival is definitely a little more personal than, say, going from the NFC to the AFC.

Let’s look at most of the options (omitting rookies):

Dallas Cowboys RBs

New York Giants RBs

Washington RBs

  • Adrian Peterson
  • J.D. McKissic
  • Bryce Love
  • Derrius Guice
  • Josh Ferguson
  • Peyton Barber

So, for me, I think positive contributions to the locker room and the culture are super important, which is one of the reasons I would take Saquon Barkley. The others reasons to pick Barkley should be somewhat obvious — but, just in case:

He’s only in his third year, so he’s got plenty of miles left on his legs. Plus, alongside Miles Sanders, there would be a lot of future potential. Barkley is without question a three-down back, who can also add incredible value to the receiving game. In his rookie season against the Eagles, Barkley had a combined 231 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns, along with 140 receiving yards and a touchdown, in the two meetings.

Which NFC East running back would you trade for?

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