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Eagles News: NFL insider poll has Carson Wentz ranked as the 8th best quarterback

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/10/20.

Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Ranking the NFL’s top 10 QBs for 2020: Who follows Patrick Mahomes? - ESPN+
8. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles. We went into this exercise thinking Wentz vs. Dak Prescott would be tight, but it wasn’t all that close, with Wentz holding a lead of nearly a full point over Prescott. However, Wentz is hardly a slam dunk for many. Some left him off their ballots because of the injuries. “Such a creator — no play is dead,” an NFL head coach said. Added an NFL coordinator: “It’s hard to argue he’s not top 10. You just wish he had a complete season. If he wins that Super Bowl in Philly, he’s consensus top five, because he’s a top-five talent.” Wentz is elite outside the pocket, where he registered an 87.4 QBR with 7.5 yards per attempt and four touchdowns, production that ranks third leaguewide. Everyone saw that outrageous throw against Washington. [...] “He can carry a team,” one NFL assistant said. “Only a few guys can say that.” [BLG Note: Dak is No. 9.]

Eagles counting on Carson Wentz to build on his late 2019 success in 2020 - BGN
There’s ample reason to feel good the Eagles’ out look with Wentz leading the way. The big question is whether his new supporting cast is truly good enough. It clearly wasn’t in 2019. Howie Roseman did make an effort to add more speed to the Eagles’ offense, yes, but first-round pick Jalen Reagor was really the only significant resource investment. There are still many unanswered questions about the wide receiver position and that’s something we’ll address in the coming days. Assuming things work out and Wentz does have at least a competent receiving corps featuring a legitimate deep threat (or more) to work with, the Eagles should expect him to lead them to the postseason again in 2020. Hopefully he can stay healthy and deliver a playoff win at the very least ... if not more.

The Kist & Solak Show #186: DeSean, Mostert & The Sweet Analytics - BGN Radio
Michael Kist & Benjamin Solak address the ongoing DeSean Jackson saga, debate a possible trade for 49ers RB Raheem Mostert, and dig in to where the Eagles rank in terms of their leveraging of analytics on offense! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Former Eagle Chris Long is right: It’s ‘not in vogue’ to denounce anti-Semitism amid DeSean Jackson controversy - PhillyVoice
How this plays out will come down to Jackson’s continued actions and the decisions of those they impact. I’m certainly not the Eagles and I’m far from the most observant Jewish person to take offense, but forgiveness is a powerful step to take. In a time of deep division over many issues troubling the world today, it seems like the right one. The most constructive thing Jackson can do is realize that he isn’t being asked to apologize for being an advocate for his people. It’s because what he shared was wrong, harmful and unproductive toward the shared goal of a better society that respects and values everyone.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman reacts to DeSean Jackson controversy: ‘There’s no room for anti-Semitism’ - Pats Pulpit
“Anti-Semitism is one of the oldest forms of hatred. It’s rooted in ignorance and fear. There’s no room for anti-Semitism in this world,” Edelman said before directly addressing Jackson. “DeSean, let’s do a deal. How about we go to D.C. and I take you to the Holocaust Museum and then you take me to the museum of African American History and Culture. Afterwards, we’ll grab some burgers and we have those uncomfortable conversations. This world needs a little more love, compassion and empathy.”

How DeSean Jackson’s future has changed - NBCSP
No matter what your opinion of DeSean Jackson’s social media posts, no matter how you feel the Eagles should discipline him — if at all — one thing is indisputable. This will follow D-Jack around long beyond the end of his football career. It’s been 25 years since “For Who, For What,” but just say the name Ricky Watters and that’s what everybody thinks. People don’t forget. And so many athletes, no matter how much good they do, no matter how well-intentioned, are defined by their worst moments. So let’s take a look at Jackson’s future from several different perspectives and how the events of the last few days might affect him.

Doug and the Numbers - Iggles Blitz
Pre-snap Motion is another area the Eagles want to address. They didn’t add players for this. Pederson hired Rich Scangarello to join the offensive staff. Scangarello rank Denver’s offense last year. They were 8th in the league in pre-snap motion. Scangarello previously worked for Kyle Shanahan, who runs the #1 pre-snap offense in the league. The Eagles didn’t use motion enough and it sure didn’t feel like they used it very effectively last year. Scangarello should help with play design and also how to use motion. How often do you mix it in? When do you mix it in? The Eagles banged up and ineffective receiving corps was likely the main reason for the team being 31st in Pass Rate While Trailing. With a revamped group of receivers, expect Pederson to open the playbook up and be more aggressive this year.

Rookie Film Room: Jalen Hurts -
Fran Duffy provides a full breakdown of Jalen Hurts’ performance against Baylor in the latest edition of Rookie Film Room, presented by Chickie’s and Pete’s.

Franchise Tag Extension Deadline Approaching - Over The Cap
Dak Prescott, Cowboys. I’ve discussed Prescott’s contract over and over so there really isn’t much more to say about it. Prescott has wanted a four year contract and Dallas prefers a five year deal. In my opinion it makes little sense for the two sides to not get this contract done- Dallas can use the cap relief in 2021 and there is no reason for Prescott not to do a deal unless he is prepared to hold out another year. . I don’t believe the Mahomes contract changes much here, but Dallas might benefit getting a contract done before the Texans and Deshaun Watson come to an agreement. I still believe that the solution here is a five year contract where the money over the tag averages somewhere over the Russell Wilson $35 million a year contact. Prescott already signed his tender so that is easily workable. Jerry Jones has often done some last minute pitches so I’d lean toward them finding a way to complete this contract.

Who will be the Redskins MVP in 2020? - Hogs Haven
Pro Football Focus, this week, said that Terry McLaurin was the most valuable receiver in the NFC East. Fans know that McLaurin was something special last season, coming in as a rookie and putting up 916 yards in 14 games. The bar has been raised this season. McLaurin will put his precise route running, speed and reliable hands to the test week after week as the team’s unchallenged #1 receiver, but is likely to have more help than he got in the first half of the ‘19 season, with guys like Steven Sims and Kelvin Harmon building on momentum that developed in the latter stages of last year’s campaign, the return to health of a number of offensive players, and the addition of rookies Antonio Gibson and Antonio Gandy-Golden.

Should NFL players get hazard pay? - Pride Of Detroit
Just because they have a lot of money does not mean they’re not taking a risk that could have long-lasting damage. We mentioned earlier that even some asymptomatic patients are showing lung damage. Imagine being a young player on a rookie deal or an undrafted free agent who gets the virus and has lung damage. You’re not Darius Slay. You don’t have a mega contract. If you lose the ability to do your job, that’s more than likely it for you. So with that in mind, there should be some sort of protection for these players. Maybe it’s hazard pay. Maybe the players get a bump in pay for the 2020 season for taking all the risks. Or maybe the NFL can make sure their players are financially protected in some way so players don’t lose out on money or opportunities if they test positive and have to miss time. The good news is that they sort of are protected.

‘1,000 unanswered questions’: As NFL training camps near, players voice skepticism - PennLive
“Well yet another NFL[Players Association] call & still 1000 unanswered questions!” Panther safety Tre Boston wrote Tuesday night on Twitter. “Rookies report in 11 days Vets 21! Please tell me how we’re getting info on time to get acclimated??? States are closing but we have to move our families to these states & play. Make it make sense! How can we start?” Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs tweeted that while he’s itching to return to the field, he shares Boston’s concerns. “There’s so many unanswered questions with this upcoming season,” Diggs wrote. “I’d be lying if I said I was comfortable starting back up.”

What the police really believe - Vox
America’s epidemic of police violence is not limited to what’s on the news. For every high-profile story of a police officer killing an unarmed Black person or tear-gassing peaceful protesters, there are many, many allegations of police misconduct you don’t hear about — abuses ranging from excessive use of force to mistreatment of prisoners to planting evidence. African Americans are arrested and roughed up by cops at wildly disproportionate rates, relative to both their overall share of the population and the percentage of crimes they commit. Something about the way police relate to the communities they’re tasked with protecting has gone wrong. Officers aren’t just regularly treating people badly; a deep dive into the motivations and beliefs of police reveals that too many believe they are justified in doing so. To understand how the police think about themselves and their job, I interviewed more than a dozen former officers and experts on policing. These sources, ranging from conservatives to police abolitionists, painted a deeply disturbing picture of the internal culture of policing.


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