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Eagles Question of the Day: Who are some of the most random former players you can think of?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane ...

Philadelphia Eagles v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

We spend a good deal of time talking and thinking about the Philadelphia Eagles players who either inspire great joy or misery. But what about those forgettable guys who elicit little to no reaction at all?

Today’s Question of the Day aims to pay tribute to those dudes by asking you to recall some of the most random former Eagles you can think of. Here are some names that came to mind for me.

  • MARCUS BURLEY — He was on the Eagles’ practice squad for just over a month in 2013. Burley actually played 33% of the Seattle Seahawks’ defensive snaps in 2014 when they went 12-4 and lost to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.
  • EMIL IGWENAGU — Iggy! Former fullback/tight end who signed with the Eagles as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2012.
  • N.D. KALU — Kalu was a fifth-round pick by the Eagles in 1997. He played for Washington from 1998 through 2000 before returning to Philly in 2001. Kalu had a pretty solid career for himself with 31 sacks in 11 seasons played. To be clear, I’m not using “random” to only refer to bad or short-lived Eagles players. Kalu fits the description to me because it’s not like he naturally comes up in conversation.
  • ANTWAN BARNES — The Eagles traded a 2011 seventh-round pick for Barnes during September 2010 only to cut him a month later. He went on to post 18.5 sacks in 38 games for the then-San Diego Chargers! Underrated bad move by Andy Reid and/or Howie Roseman.
  • ELDRA BUCKLEY — Remember when the Eagles used an Eldra Buckley wildcat formation? I’ll never forget.
  • ANDREW GARDNER — Gardner got cut by three different teams before finally logging 14 snaps for the Houston Texans. The Eagles seemingly signed him as a depth piece but Chip Kelly liked him as a starter for some unbeknownst reason.
  • JAKE SCOTT — The Eagles signed Scott when their offensive line was a tire fire in 2012. He looked pretty decent for a guy they signed off the street in November but they didn’t keep him around.
  • NATE ILAOA — 15-year-old me was excited about the Eagles getting a big back like the 5-9, 245 pound Ilaoa. My dreams were crushed as he failed to make the roster as a rookie.
  • KEN PARRISH — My dad took me to an Eagles-Jets preseason game at the Linc and this older guy behind me wondered aloud why David Akers wasn’t kicking off. I tried explaining that punter/specialist Ken Parrish was doing it instead. I’ll never forget how confused and/or disinterested he looked.

Who are some random former Eagles players from your memory?

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