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Eagles Question of the Day: What is your favorite football movie?

There are so many to choose from!

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After months of watching my way through my DVR, Netflix, et al, I’ve seen my fair share of football movies. From the classics, to comedies, and family features, there are SO many options to put in my No. 1 spot.

In terms of Eagles’ fandom, Invincible seems like an easy and obvious choice — it’s great, I love me some Marky Mark, and it reminds me of where my Mom grew up —, but I also love Draft Day and it’s fairly accurate depiction of the chaos and second-guessing that goes down during the NFL Draft.

BUT, my all-time favorite football movie: Little Giants

Of all the reasons to put the 90s classic at the top of my list, perhaps the most prominent was seeing a female football player. And not just any female, but Icebox, the bad ass who wasn’t originally allowed to play with the boys but was clearly better than most of them.

As described by SBNation’s James Dator:

With 37 minutes remaining, we finally get to the big game between the Cowboys and the Little Giants, taking place on the world’s nicest pee-wee football field. The Giants are without Icebox, because Becky has decided to be a cheerleader instead of a player in an effort to make Junior think of her more like a girl.

Icebox, if he doesn’t like you for playing football, he doesn’t deserve you.

The team ends up creaming the Cowboys in the penultimate game of the movie, proving to everybody that a squad filled with players “not good enough” could still have the chemistry and chutzpah to beat the the “favorites”. (Which also describes the 2017 Eagles team that beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Just saying.)

Other reasons that this movie is my favorite:

  • It takes place in Ohio.
  • Could totally relate to a trying to tone down being a tomboy just to catch the attention of a crush.
  • Who doesn’t love a good underdog victory?

Honorable mention: The Replacements — solely for the scene where they sing “I will survive” and do the electric slide in jail.

What’s your favorite football movie?

Sound off in the comments!

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