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Video of Dallas Goedert getting sucker-punched emerges

Total cheap shot.

Video of Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert getting sucker-punched at a South Dakota bar this past Friday evening has emerged on Twitter. Before you watch, be warned that it’s a pretty violent swing and there’s NSFW audio that accompanies the video.


It’s hard to totally verify if that’s Goedert based on the video alone but one South Dakota-based Bleeding Green Nation reader tells me that it’s legitimate. They claim to know an employee at The Zoo Bar, which was characterized as a “college bar” and the “furthest thing from a family restaurant.” Pictures from The Zoo Bar’s Facebook page also match the interior scene from the video.

It looks like Goedert was trying to get some guy to back off of him before another dude ran up and knocked him out cold with a nasty sucker-punch. Just a total cheap shot. Thankfully Goedert is reportedly doing OK now after being hospitalized. ESPN reports a suspect from this incident was arrested.

Again, it obviously sucks that this happened, but at least it wasn’t a worse outcome. Also nice to see Goedert’s Eagles teammates having his back on social media.

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